Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes...a little research is needed.

In my line of work (listing events for non profit organizations-NPO), I often get bribed. At Halloweentime, a local animal rights NPO tried to bribe me with a sparkly spider ring, Halloween candy, and a giant plastic Halloween tumbler with sparkly bats and pumpkins on it. I wore the sparkly spider ring for a week. The funny this was that I already had our event listed.

Yesterday, some intern dropped off paperwork for a 5k run/walk that benefits local high schools and such. Another event I already have listed. And this intern also did not disappoint in her bribery. I got a bag full of about a half dozen apples.

I'm allergic to fresh fruit. My throat closes... I stop breathing... it's a lot of fun. I recommend trying it.

It might be prudent to do a bit of research before dropping off goodies for bribery purposes. My fruit allergy was actually triggered by an apple (a gala apple to be exact) and I find it a little ironic. There's also a client that we deal with who often sends us goodies like giant boxes of chocolates... or these awesome brownies and cookes from this company whose name I can never remember... and edible arrangements. Not only am I allergic to fruit, but so is the account executive for this particular client.

Sidenote... my 100th post is coming up. I should probably do something fun and exciting, right? Like what?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I feel so OLD.

Facebook, or stalkerbook as it should be better called, is a great way to keep in touch, stay friends, right? No. It isn't. It's a great way to be all braggy and "Oh I'm doing GREAT... isn't my job GREAT... aren't my pictures WONDERFUL" It's a great way to have that phony 10 year reunion conversation with those people you secretly wanted to trip in the hallways of high school ALL THE TIME.

Recently, I've started to find exes of mine on facebook. We all know how well things went with The Ex. My first ex, who is actually a great guy and we broke up because of bad timing. I was 14, he was 15, neither of us drove, and we lived 40 minutes away from one another which is an ETERNITY when you're a freshman in high school. He was the cousin of one of my neighbors, and he was really tall, and very attractive. And now he's on facebook, and it scares me.

It scares me because he has been married for as long as I've been dating Gene, and he has three children. He's 26. He is 26 years old and he has three children. My mother was 28 when she had me, and I'm her firstborn. I'm going to be 25 in a few months and children are no one in my very near future. I keep saying that I'm surrounded by babies and weddings, but this one freaks me out like no other... because in some weird universe, that could have been me. In all honesty, there's no reason why this guy and I broke up other than we never saw each other. And he made me pay for our first (and only) date. We dated for a total of 9 months. He's the only person I dated more than once (three times) and each time for 3 months.

When did I get so OLD that my exes are engaged and getting married??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Joys of Homeownership

Since Gene and I have a house now, and not a one bedroom leaky piece of crap apartment, we're slowing trying to update our furniture. I hijacked my mother's dining set in favor of the 5+ years old Walmart special that I had in college, and last year for Christmas, Daddy Dearest bought Gene and me a couch (well, gift certificate to a furniture store, not so much the couch itself)

This year for Christmas (yes, I realize it's now the end of March) Daddy Dearest gave us VISA gift cards instead of a gift cert to a particular furniture store, since so many stores were going out of business. We haven't done anything yet.

Today I went to a few furniture stores to brows TV console stands... because at the moment we have a Target black particle board special. It's functional, and it works for the most part, but it looks cheap, and I'd like to have wood, or looks like actual wood and not luan veneer. Two store had a few reasonably priced pieces, but for the most part it was all over $1000. For a TV console. Not a full entertainment center with many many shelving units, just a TV console.

Why is it that people will pay this much money? Do Thomasville and Bassett and all of these high end stores come and clean your house for you? I understand that a nice piece of furniture is an investment, and that it will last years and years... but I just feel like I'm being completely taken advantage of. Plus as soon as these sales people discovered that I'm doing my homework pre-purchase, they couldn't run away from me faster. I'm the only person in the store. One person when I told him that I was looking for TV consoles, and made it clear that I was doing preliminary shopping, just pointed. He just said "Oh, it's over there." and that was it. Now, at ULTA, I'm not on commission, but if someone who has never been in the store before can't find something, I walk them to it. Because that's good customer service. Just pointing? That's rude.

At the moment, I'm debated going to an unfinished furniture store and doing my own staining. I know how to stain. I think I did a damn fine job of staining (and schlacking) the tables in my parents' ex-restaurant. I'm a handy person. I know how to use powertools... and paint... and stain... and... stuff. It just annoys me when these places don't have any prices listed on their websites. It's why I went to two of the stores I did during my lunch break today, because they had nothing listed on their website as far as price goes. The unfinished furniture place has new stuff all the time, so it makes sense that they don't list prices... because their inventory is always changing.

Anyway... if I decide to do a DIY staining marathon, I'll let you know. I'm all about doing things yourself, especially if you know what you're getting yourself into. I love watching the trading spaces and DIY shows because most of the time these people have NO CLUE what they're doing, and it ends up looking half-assed. Mine won't look like that, right?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Magical Radio Faerie

Yes, I spell "fairy" like "faerie."

One of my responsibilities at the station is to write, produce, and put in commercials. Oftentimes, they will come fully produced from an outside production company. The email correspondance that I had between myself and one of our clients was hilarious.

Client (on Wednesday): We should have the spot to you by Thursday. We had some production issues, but it should be fine tomorrow.

Client (on Thursday): Sorry, we're still waiting for the spot to be reproduced again. Is it all right if it is slightly over :60?
Me: No. It really needs to be right at :60 because our station is set up for :30 and :60 only. If we get a spot that is :65, it will get cut off.

Client (on Friday at 4:35): Here's the spot! Sorry for the delay!

I'm relieved, because it's late on a Friday, and I already have to stay later than usual because I'm having someone come in to record a commericial at 5:00. I upload the commercial to our program, I'm about to label it, when I notice something that I am convinced is wrong. There's no way that it says that.

There's no way that this commercial that I told this woman cannot be over :60 under any circumstances is 2:06.

It is. It's TWO MINUTES AND SIX SECONDS LONG. And I listen to it... and it's horribly produced!! I call the account executive and I'm panicking because it needs to run this weekend. And he says "Well, just cut it." JUST CUT IT? It's a FULLY PRODUCED SPOT. I can't JUST CUT IT. But I manage to do it. I'm not sure exactly how, but I manage to cut a 2:06 spot down to :59.

I don't know why these people think that I can perform miracles. They really must believe in the existance of the Production Faerie. The Production Faerie comes down and makes everything they want possible.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to my home. You must be Crazy.

I think everyone has that one person in their life that makes their skin boil. For me it's The Ex... and I've never met Gene's, until last night. He has this ex-girlfriend, and we're just going to call her Crazy. I've heard a lot about Crazy, but I've never actually met her. She grew up in the neighborhood we live in now, and her parents still live here. Gene was completely infatuated with her from when he was 14 until he was about 25? They dated for a while, but this girl could get Gene to do anything.

Crazy is very manipulative, and very needy. She needs to be reassured all the time. And she gets that reassurance by cheating on her significant other constantly. Which is fine, you know, some people have very low self esteem and need that kind of physical contact. I'm not judging her there. I have my fair share of compulsive cheaters who are my friends.

I'm judging the belligerant drunkeness that had her shove her face against our door at 1am yesterday and say "I see you bitches on the couch! HELLO!! Aw, C'mon!!!" and then she went away. Crazy didn't even give us the chance to get off the couch and open the door. Why I was awake at 1am I'm not quite sure, especially since it's 7am now and I'm about to go to work. But that's not the point. The point is Crazy knows where we live... and she pressed her face against my door. And then proceeded to scream my name (not Gene's name... my name...) all the way down the neighborhood until, we assume, she got to her mother's house.

Gene was half tempted to march down to her mothers and rip her a new one, but that would be feeding into it. Gene's basically cut Crazy off since he met me. He hasn't spoken to her in 5 years, and we did not attend her wedding last year. He's erased all numbers for her, and he's changed his email address. She hasn't really gone out of her way to get in touch with him either though...only when she needs something from him does she talk to him or try to talk to him. I'm just a little disturbed, though, that this insane belligerant drunk A. knows where I live, B. knows my name, and C. had the nerve to violate my space! On what planet is this acceptable behavior?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I'm participating in Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesdays again... and I think I have a good one this time.

I've briefly discussed this before... but my parents are not married. Daddy Dearest had an affair with a coworker a few years back, and was leading a bit of a double life for about six months that we know of. That year where my parents were still "together" but my father needed to "figure things out" was a very hard time for everyone. My mom went pretty crazy... my sister became the parent (she had to deal with other crazy stuff besides our mother also)... and I went a little nuts also. But that's a totally different story. About two years after we found out about the other woman, my dad springs on the kids (on Easter Sunday) that he's getting married. In Vegas. Mind you... we haven't met his new significant other yet. He didn't ask, and neither did we.

When my dad told me, he also asked me to go with him to Vegas. But the kicker is that the wedding was in two weeks and I only had about 5 days to make this decision because they needed to book the plane tickets. I have to admit that I almost went for a very selfish reason... I love poker. And I've never been to Vegas. But Gene made a very good point. He said to me, "You shouldn't have to be the one to tell her how pretty she looks in her dress. Do you think you're emotionally ready for that?" And I wasn't. I wasn't even emotionally ready to meet the woman, but I told my dad that before they left for Vegas... that I wanted to meet her. My brother went with me.

The four of us went to this Italian family style restaurant called Maggiano's. OUr server is a male, and he looks slightly familiar. My dad recognized him immediately.. and didn't say a damn word. My brother on the other hand can't just let anything go, and he keeps going on and on about who this person is, why does he look so familiar, etc. Finally, when our server comes back, my brother says "Didn't you used to work at TGI Fridays with my mom?" Of course he did. Of course our server knows exactly who we are and didn't say anything.

The conversation that ensued between my dad, my brother, and our server was one of the most uncomfortable things in my life.
Brother: Didn't you used to work at Fridays?
Server: Yes, I did... why?
Brother: I'm Joanie's son... I used to bus there and do door.
Server: Oh! That's why you look so familiar. How are you guys.
Daddy Dearest (very short): We're fine, thanks.
Server: How's your mom doing?
Me: She's good... she's still at Fridays. You should stop in and see her.
Server: I will. (he looks at the other woman) So is aunt?
Daddy Dearest (even more short): No. She isn't. Joan and I haven't been together for a long time now.
Server: Oh... well... I'll be right back!

And then he ran away. And he immediately called one of my mom's friends at Fridays. I was literally biting the inside of my cheek so that I wouldn't start hysterical laughing. You could tell that my dad was upset because his entire face was beet red, but his nostrils were white. You don't want to mess with my father when he looks like that. Poor other woman and her abnormally large butt was pretty embarassed as well... it was so funny.

My dad has been with this woman for four almost five years... and in my entire life, I've only seen her for a grand total of maybe five times. Ever. She's MARRIED to my dad.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Peel off my face, please.

One of the reasons that I really like working for ULTA is gratis. aka free makeup for no good reason. Well, there is a reason... so I'll use it and sell it to other people. Most of the time, it's a lip gloss or a mascara. I have finally gotten myself down from six mascaras to three... but LORAC just came out with a new mascara, and I may get that one as well. The best piece of gratis I've received so far (which I have talked before)was from Clarins, which is a skincare company. Most of the time, we don't get anything from the skincare companies... but they're starting to be a bit better with their gratis giving.

Last week, I got a hand cream that you aren't allowed to apply more than three times per 24 hour period (doesn't that scare you? It says: Do not exceed three applications per 24 hour period. It doesn't say WHY though). Yesterday... I received a chemical peel. An at-home chemical peel. I wasn't aware that A. you could do these at home and B. that you should do these at home. without professional supervision. It's a 5-day peel from Kinerase (the Instant Radiance Facial Peel) and I did day 1 yesterday. They come in these pre-packed amounts, and they have this little wand, and from waht I understand... you take the little wand...and you smear the sand-like yellow stuff all over your face. It doesn't really sting or anything, nor does it smell weird, and until I woke up this morning I wasn't aware that it did anything. You're also not allowed to rinse it off...just apply, and walk away. So if you do it during the have weird yellow sand all over your face... and if you do it at night, then you have the possibility of having it get all over your sheets.

I did notice a considerable difference in my face when I woke up. I'm much "dewier" than I was before. Shiny isn't a good work...because I'm not oily...I'm dewy. I guess I'm just supposed to continue to do it at night? That seems to be the best time? The only thing that worries me is that when you apply it... since you aren't lying down on a table and having someone else apply it... gravity makes the yellow sand stuff fall into the sink, and all over your shirt. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I don't know. If anyone has used this stuff... and you're laughing because clearly this stunod doesn't know what she's doing... please let me know.

There is one company that I so wish would just give us prestige girls their product, but it's hella expensive and I know that it will never happen. ULTA just started carrying the Clarisonic. And if you don't know what this is, ohmygodit'swonderful. Whenever it's on QVC, I drool. It's on my amazon list.. and I know I'll never get it... but it's there so that I can stare at it and drool at it's wonderfulness.

It's basically an electronic toothbrush but for your face... and it makes whatever face wash you use become amazing and wonderful. It exfoliates without ripping your skin... and it' the best thing ever invented. Ever. And I want. But I'm not paying $195 for it. Even with my discount, it's still $147. Just imagine my philosophy Purity Made Simple with the Clarisonic. It would be so wonderful. One of the makeup artists with Paula Dorf swears by it. Paula Dorf actually bought it for her for Christmas one year, and when she saw that we were carrying Clarisonic, she got all kinds of excited because now she can get her replacement heads with us.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I would walk 500 miles

I find it funny how strong and angry women's loyalties are to their friends. You never see a guy take his best friend's girlfriend aside and say "I swear to God, if you hurt him, I'll cut you." But if I girl tells her best friend's new boyfriend, "You make her cry and I'll cut off your balls and make you eat them," no one bats an eye. At least, I've said those things. And no ones ever said anything close like that to me before.

Right now... one of the people that I get very protective of is very far away. I know I've talked about Colleen before, but it's just hard. I lived with the girl for four years of my life, and she's been my best friend for seven years... and now there's an ocean between us and it upsets me that if there's some douche that hurts her, I can't threaten his life. It also bothers me that I see this cryptic status updates on facebook about how miserable life is, and I can only imagine who it's about.

I've mentioned The Irish Wonder Boy before, but this guy seriously did a number on this girl. Is it a guy thing to be emotionally unavailable, or is this an Irish thing to be emotionally unavailable? Now this toolbox is parading this other girl around (this girl who butchered one of my favorite songs on RTE, which kind of makes me happy), but he still calls Colleen all the time and basically tortures the girl. I know that she's a big girl and she can take care of herself, but I really want to punch this "perfect" guy in the face.

I hate that I invited him into my home and fed him one of the best meals I've ever made. I hate that I introduced him to Gene and that Gene LIKES the guy, because he's a fucking charmer. And I really hate that I don't want to hate him! I really wanted him to be as nice as he seemed to be. This girl deserves the world... and what's funny is that usually she's the typical male in the relationship. Guys fawn over her, she thinks "what's this guy's problem" and runs for the hills. The ONE TIME she doesn't run... she's still convinced that she's going to marry him... and I know that if he called her tomorrow and said "I'm sorry... I really do love you, please marry me," she'd say yes. Then I'd have to swim to Ireland, bash her on the head, and drag her home for her own good.

But I can't say anything. Because she needs to get her heart broken, as hard as that can be... watching your best friend get her heart broken and knowing that it's the best thing for her. She's never really invested herself in a relationship. She's dated two definite gay men and two with the jury still out, and multiple guys with crazy obsessions, but none of them have been real relationships. Not really. She needs a real relationship with real heartache and real fights. It's so easy to try to put the people you love in this bubble to protect them, and I think the hardest thing to admit is that maybe that bubble is the worst thing that you could do.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Ex.

There's this guy I dated all throughout high school, and granted, it's been about eight years since we've broken up, but there are things that he did to me that still have me completely messed up today. Between this guy and my father, I don't know which one gave me more trust issues. I'm not going to use this exes name. Instead, we're going to call just call him The Ex, because out of all my exes, he's the only one I'll ever bitch about. One I'm still very good friends with (even though he cheated on me), one is a youth minister and married with babies (even though when we dated he was goth. that's just amusing), one is too self-obsessed to be angry, and one I'm kind of friends with, but he's just plain weird.

Basic backstory with The Ex... we dated for almost two years when I was a junior and senior in high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman, but he moved across the country to go to school. We dated while he was across the country, and our relationship was amazing then. He came home in the summer and for Christmas. Our first Christmas together, his Christmas present to me was that he was moving back home after graduating with his associates degree. I wasn't excited enough about it, and he got mad at me. I guess I just assumed that he would be moving home. He would always get upset with me whenever I didn't exclaim with joy every time he called or came home. I guess he expected me to cry. Whatever.

One summer, there was this incident. He had just come home, but I had made plans that day already to spend the night at a friends. We started drinking (I was 17... bad plan, I know) and the girls decided to go swimming, except I had no bathing suit. So we decided to go skinny dipping and not tell the boys. The boys followed us. I told The Ex, and he got all kinds of upset, and rightly so. But didn't break up with me. Instead, we stayed together for a whole year and he held it against me every chance he got. He made me feel so low and so bad about myself... he had me completely trained. I even slept with the jackass so that he'd trust me again. Huge mistake. For eight years, I've wanted to have it out with this guy. At least twice a month, he'd try to break up with me, and I'd beg him not to. Until the last time. He said something cryptic like "I think you know what I want, and I think you want the same thing" and I finally said, "Fine. Never talk to me again." and hung up. Later on that summer, he showed up at my first college party (we called it Kidnapping, it was a tradition in the theatre program I was in) and made me feel awful. I left that party after 10 minutes. I never ahd my chance to really tell him how I felt, and since then I've never been able to really trust people because I always feel like they're trying to control me.

Recently, he showed up on one of my various networking sites... and he started passive aggressively posting cryptic things about me on it. The guy still acts like he's 15. He's 28. I tried being nice earlier and extending an olive branch... because it bothers me that someone hates me as much as he does, despite the fact that I have every right to want to punch him in the face. He ignored my olive branch. So the second time, after the passive agressiveness, I sent him another message that was like "Look, asshole, if you want to be all passive aggressive about me, then fine, but grow the hell up and say it to my face you coward." And other nasty things about how he's controlling and how he's totally screwed me up in the head.

This was his response: Hello. What r u talkin about? No one said anything about fighting.I was told people were talking about me and there is no reason for it. If some one has something to say about me then say it to me. Seems as tho you are trying to start a fight, however i am not. So there will be no fight. Sorry. I don't appreciate people talking about me. Let's be grown up. Aside from all that crap what's new with u?

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???? AND THEN! After a very confused "what the hell?" response from me, I get this: There isn't hatred towards you.It's in our past so let's just leave it there. Yea there are a few things unresolved but it was a long time ago so I put that stuff behind me and move on from anything that bothers me in life. Radio huh? As in a radio station on the radio? That's sweet. My brother did that for a couple years. Speaking of acting I ran into Maria not too long ago, she's traveling all over the place acting. What fruit can't u eat? I'm allergic to shrimp but I still eat it... yea i break out in rashes n itch alot but that's why I bring Bendryl to Red Lobster.....last week it did not work and I paid the price. It was good tho.

One of two things is happening here. Either 1. He has matured and is a nice human being. I do not trust this one bit. I know him better than to think that he is a nice human being and has matured. Which leaves 2. This is his passive aggresive plot to have him come out of this smelling like a rose and make me feel awful about myself yet again. I responded to his last reponse with a very nice message. This was a few weeks ago. I'm still waiting for a response. This supports my #2 theory. He hasn't gotten over it, he just doesn't want to take any responsibility, and he wants to come out looking like the better person. I hate people like that.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ambitious Undertaking

I have decided that for one of the two weddings that I need to go to this June, I want to mae my dress. Probably for the first wedding...which is on Gene's birthday, and the first of the two weddings. I have this ADORABLE french blue Anne Taylor dress that I wore to a wedding a year ago, and this first wedding (Gene's friends) has the exact same wedding party on the groom's side as last year's, so I can't wear the Anne Taylor dress to that. The second wedding is a family wedding, and only Gene has seen me in that dress... so most likely I'll wear the blue dress to that wedding.

Anyway. I'm on Vogue Patterns' website today, and discover that they're having a 2-day sale, and all of their patterns are only $5.99! Which is awesome, because usually they're $15+. But I need help deciding. The sale is over tomorrow, so I have until midnight tomorrow to decide on what the heck dress I'm going to get, and there are a few that I LOVE. So here they are. A little bit about my figure beforehand... I'm short, slim build, and pear shaped, thanks to the fact that I have a butt. I don't have small boobs or big boobs...fairly in the middle. So I don't have to worry about falling out of anything.

Dress 1:

I love the cut of this dress, but I'd probably choose a different fabric. Probably still a print, because I think in a solid this dress may be boring.

Dress 2:

This was the first dress that drew my eye, actually. I love the detail belt. And I love the red, so I'd probably keep the color.

Dress 3:

Ok. This dress has a few in the pattern. I like the one of the main picture... and I like the idea of a textured fabric. The other variation I like is the one on the bottom left(the black dress with the shoulder and belt detail in a different fabric). I also like the blue one right above that.

Ok. So. HELP. Which one!??

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Idina Idina Idina!

Idina Menzel is coming to Delaware... again. She was here last year, and the show sold out in five minutes...and I was really sad. Apparently, this time they gave her a much larger venue... and there are lots of tickets left. A friend of mine managed to get us a few bucks off the tickets, so they were only $31 instead of $38. I'm super excited.

The only dilemma I'm having at the moment... next week, for four days, Mandy Patinkin and Patty LuPone are also in Delaware. And I REALLY want to go. With all of the "servicing fees" and nonsense that the theatre is charging ($11.50 for a service charge) the ticket would cost over $70. I mean, I love Mandy and Patty... Patty LuPone was one of the reasons I wanted to do theater...but I really can't afford that much money! I'm so bummed. And! The thing is... the theatre that's hosting the show is a client of the stations. SOMETIMES I can get comp tickets to shows, but usually only if they aren't selling well. I don't know if I can work my comp magic for this one, but I'm really crossing my fingers. I keep trying to convince our programming director that he needs to get Mandy and Patty in-studio for an interview. When I told him about it, the only thing he could say was "Mandy Patinkin is in town? When? Really? Mandy Patinkin? I love Mandy Patinkin." I mean, I'd be backstage and be Patty's bitch for the evening. Please? Pretty please? You don't even have to give me a seat! Just let me stand in the back... I will. I'll do whatever you want, damnit.

Idina will be fun though. I heard that her show was great the last time she came through... and her non theatre stuff is actually pretty amazing. Maybe we can get Idina in studio for an interview... or I'll have to suck up to someone to get backstage. Seriously. Of all of the crazy people I've met in radio, these are my people. These are the people that if I meet...I faint. Because I love them. And they're amazing. And they were the reasons I wanted to sing. I don't anymore, not really. But maybe for a night I can live vicariously through a stranger.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

Thanks to Joanie's Random Ramblings for telling me about Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesdays! Tova Darling is the host of Tova's Totally Awkward Tuesday.. and they're pretty funny, so you should definitely check that out.

I've been racking my brain for a good awkward story... and let me tell ya, it's a bit hard! I think most of my awkward moments are acting related... so remembering one that isn't is a challenge in and of itself!

Working at a radio station... we get our fair share of celebrities who come in and sing for us. Some of them are up and coming, and some of them are people who we've all heard of before. A few weeks ago, Nick Lachey was here. Today, this girl Jessie James is singing for us. Two years ago, Elliot Yamin from American Idol performed at one of our events. But Elliot Yamin wasn't the only American Idol Finalist that I've met. Last year... around this time... we had another one come in. But before I get to that, I need to tell you how I spent my lunch break.

I was in desperate need of foundation... my foundation was crappy, and didn't match my skin. So for my lunch break, I went to ULTA and played The Foundation Game. To play the Foundation Game, you take off all makeup... and then you try various foundations from different brands, shades, and textures in different parts of your face and see which one looks the best. I ended up picking Stila's Illuminating Foundation 10 Watt. Now, I actually don't like it on me, but that's another story. During The Foundation Game, I had about seven different kinds of foundation. I had completely forgotten that we had an artist coming in that day.

I go back to the station with at least seven different foundations on my face. I didn't bother taking them off, because I was like "whatever, I'm just going to sit in my cubicle all day anyway," but when I go in... there's all this pizza in the conference room. Pizza in the conference room means that there's an artist. And that's when I remembered that Ace Young, who is super hot, was at the station. So I met Ace Young... and his super sugary voice... with seven different colors of foundation on my face. I felt so stupid. I was in a store with endless amounts of testers and makeup artists... they could have made me look like a flipping super model! But no... I was weird foundation girl.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Am I a bad person because I hate snow?

I really hate that "March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb" phrase. Because I always want to believe that it's a lie. I think once February is over, I should get flowers... and warm weather... and skirts. But in the greater Philadelphia area, March sucks. At least this year. We got 6" and counting of snow last night, which is already unusual for March, but I'm at work...and no one else is. There are 4 people on my side of the building... no one on the sales side of the building... and all of the on-air and news people are here.

The roads were a mess... It took me 40 minutes to do my usual 15-20 minute drive because I had to drive 25mph the entire way. I'd like to think that I know how to drive in the snow, and living in this area, you really should know how to drive in the snow, but it always amazes me how every year whenever we get more than an inch of snow, the entire state FLIPS OUT and forgets how to deal with precipitation.

By Wednesday.. everyone's going to forget that we even had snow.