Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to my home. You must be Crazy.

I think everyone has that one person in their life that makes their skin boil. For me it's The Ex... and I've never met Gene's, until last night. He has this ex-girlfriend, and we're just going to call her Crazy. I've heard a lot about Crazy, but I've never actually met her. She grew up in the neighborhood we live in now, and her parents still live here. Gene was completely infatuated with her from when he was 14 until he was about 25? They dated for a while, but this girl could get Gene to do anything.

Crazy is very manipulative, and very needy. She needs to be reassured all the time. And she gets that reassurance by cheating on her significant other constantly. Which is fine, you know, some people have very low self esteem and need that kind of physical contact. I'm not judging her there. I have my fair share of compulsive cheaters who are my friends.

I'm judging the belligerant drunkeness that had her shove her face against our door at 1am yesterday and say "I see you bitches on the couch! HELLO!! Aw, C'mon!!!" and then she went away. Crazy didn't even give us the chance to get off the couch and open the door. Why I was awake at 1am I'm not quite sure, especially since it's 7am now and I'm about to go to work. But that's not the point. The point is Crazy knows where we live... and she pressed her face against my door. And then proceeded to scream my name (not Gene's name... my name...) all the way down the neighborhood until, we assume, she got to her mother's house.

Gene was half tempted to march down to her mothers and rip her a new one, but that would be feeding into it. Gene's basically cut Crazy off since he met me. He hasn't spoken to her in 5 years, and we did not attend her wedding last year. He's erased all numbers for her, and he's changed his email address. She hasn't really gone out of her way to get in touch with him either though...only when she needs something from him does she talk to him or try to talk to him. I'm just a little disturbed, though, that this insane belligerant drunk A. knows where I live, B. knows my name, and C. had the nerve to violate my space! On what planet is this acceptable behavior?


*Di said...

My friend's bf has an ex like that... although it's less belligerent drunkeness as it is showing up in tears needing sympathy. People are so manipulative... ugh!

Bayjb said...

People are crazy. Totally crazy. You never know what you'll get with them.

Al said...

Holy Crap! (sorry, no other words for that...)

Joanie said...

Some people get the craziest ideas when they're drunk. Now if she starts doing this crap sober, THEN I'd worry!