Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes...a little research is needed.

In my line of work (listing events for non profit organizations-NPO), I often get bribed. At Halloweentime, a local animal rights NPO tried to bribe me with a sparkly spider ring, Halloween candy, and a giant plastic Halloween tumbler with sparkly bats and pumpkins on it. I wore the sparkly spider ring for a week. The funny this was that I already had our event listed.

Yesterday, some intern dropped off paperwork for a 5k run/walk that benefits local high schools and such. Another event I already have listed. And this intern also did not disappoint in her bribery. I got a bag full of about a half dozen apples.

I'm allergic to fresh fruit. My throat closes... I stop breathing... it's a lot of fun. I recommend trying it.

It might be prudent to do a bit of research before dropping off goodies for bribery purposes. My fruit allergy was actually triggered by an apple (a gala apple to be exact) and I find it a little ironic. There's also a client that we deal with who often sends us goodies like giant boxes of chocolates... or these awesome brownies and cookes from this company whose name I can never remember... and edible arrangements. Not only am I allergic to fruit, but so is the account executive for this particular client.

Sidenote... my 100th post is coming up. I should probably do something fun and exciting, right? Like what?


Joanie M said...

You could send your Mom $100!

Bayjb said...

Are you really allergic to that? Ick, that's not good. Always go with Starbucks gift card. Or cash.