Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Idina Idina Idina!

Idina Menzel is coming to Delaware... again. She was here last year, and the show sold out in five minutes...and I was really sad. Apparently, this time they gave her a much larger venue... and there are lots of tickets left. A friend of mine managed to get us a few bucks off the tickets, so they were only $31 instead of $38. I'm super excited.

The only dilemma I'm having at the moment... next week, for four days, Mandy Patinkin and Patty LuPone are also in Delaware. And I REALLY want to go. With all of the "servicing fees" and nonsense that the theatre is charging ($11.50 for a service charge) the ticket would cost over $70. I mean, I love Mandy and Patty... Patty LuPone was one of the reasons I wanted to do theater...but I really can't afford that much money! I'm so bummed. And! The thing is... the theatre that's hosting the show is a client of the stations. SOMETIMES I can get comp tickets to shows, but usually only if they aren't selling well. I don't know if I can work my comp magic for this one, but I'm really crossing my fingers. I keep trying to convince our programming director that he needs to get Mandy and Patty in-studio for an interview. When I told him about it, the only thing he could say was "Mandy Patinkin is in town? When? Really? Mandy Patinkin? I love Mandy Patinkin." I mean, I'd be backstage and be Patty's bitch for the evening. Please? Pretty please? You don't even have to give me a seat! Just let me stand in the back... I will. I'll do whatever you want, damnit.

Idina will be fun though. I heard that her show was great the last time she came through... and her non theatre stuff is actually pretty amazing. Maybe we can get Idina in studio for an interview... or I'll have to suck up to someone to get backstage. Seriously. Of all of the crazy people I've met in radio, these are my people. These are the people that if I meet...I faint. Because I love them. And they're amazing. And they were the reasons I wanted to sing. I don't anymore, not really. But maybe for a night I can live vicariously through a stranger.


becklette said...

oh, i want to see mandy & patty. want. want. want.

Sara said...

Holy hell, that's expensive. Glargh, DuPont.

I am going to ask Bob if Idina needs a dresser. Because if she does, I'm ditching you. Sorry. Unlikely, though! If Kirk is working it I'll see if I can make up an excuse to go talk to him. (backstage) However, last time when she was in the baby grand they put guards on all the back doors! Dang, I just wanted to go up to the office!

RecoveringActor said...

But...what is Idina needs TWO dressers? Or someone to get her water? I mean whatever! Can't we just hang out backstage? Please? Darn my connections and not being able to use them for this!!

Joanie said...

If you can pull this off, I'd advice you NOT TO TELL DANI UNTIL AFTER!!!! She will torment you to death if she knows anything about this!!