Monday, March 16, 2009

The Magical Radio Faerie

Yes, I spell "fairy" like "faerie."

One of my responsibilities at the station is to write, produce, and put in commercials. Oftentimes, they will come fully produced from an outside production company. The email correspondance that I had between myself and one of our clients was hilarious.

Client (on Wednesday): We should have the spot to you by Thursday. We had some production issues, but it should be fine tomorrow.

Client (on Thursday): Sorry, we're still waiting for the spot to be reproduced again. Is it all right if it is slightly over :60?
Me: No. It really needs to be right at :60 because our station is set up for :30 and :60 only. If we get a spot that is :65, it will get cut off.

Client (on Friday at 4:35): Here's the spot! Sorry for the delay!

I'm relieved, because it's late on a Friday, and I already have to stay later than usual because I'm having someone come in to record a commericial at 5:00. I upload the commercial to our program, I'm about to label it, when I notice something that I am convinced is wrong. There's no way that it says that.

There's no way that this commercial that I told this woman cannot be over :60 under any circumstances is 2:06.

It is. It's TWO MINUTES AND SIX SECONDS LONG. And I listen to it... and it's horribly produced!! I call the account executive and I'm panicking because it needs to run this weekend. And he says "Well, just cut it." JUST CUT IT? It's a FULLY PRODUCED SPOT. I can't JUST CUT IT. But I manage to do it. I'm not sure exactly how, but I manage to cut a 2:06 spot down to :59.

I don't know why these people think that I can perform miracles. They really must believe in the existance of the Production Faerie. The Production Faerie comes down and makes everything they want possible.


Liz said...

They think you can perform miracles because you apparently DO!!

Joanie said...

Ah! Now I know why you were so cranky when you called my cell the other night! (when Dani and I were going into Bridaltown ... a completely wasted trip!)