Monday, March 9, 2009

Peel off my face, please.

One of the reasons that I really like working for ULTA is gratis. aka free makeup for no good reason. Well, there is a reason... so I'll use it and sell it to other people. Most of the time, it's a lip gloss or a mascara. I have finally gotten myself down from six mascaras to three... but LORAC just came out with a new mascara, and I may get that one as well. The best piece of gratis I've received so far (which I have talked before)was from Clarins, which is a skincare company. Most of the time, we don't get anything from the skincare companies... but they're starting to be a bit better with their gratis giving.

Last week, I got a hand cream that you aren't allowed to apply more than three times per 24 hour period (doesn't that scare you? It says: Do not exceed three applications per 24 hour period. It doesn't say WHY though). Yesterday... I received a chemical peel. An at-home chemical peel. I wasn't aware that A. you could do these at home and B. that you should do these at home. without professional supervision. It's a 5-day peel from Kinerase (the Instant Radiance Facial Peel) and I did day 1 yesterday. They come in these pre-packed amounts, and they have this little wand, and from waht I understand... you take the little wand...and you smear the sand-like yellow stuff all over your face. It doesn't really sting or anything, nor does it smell weird, and until I woke up this morning I wasn't aware that it did anything. You're also not allowed to rinse it off...just apply, and walk away. So if you do it during the have weird yellow sand all over your face... and if you do it at night, then you have the possibility of having it get all over your sheets.

I did notice a considerable difference in my face when I woke up. I'm much "dewier" than I was before. Shiny isn't a good work...because I'm not oily...I'm dewy. I guess I'm just supposed to continue to do it at night? That seems to be the best time? The only thing that worries me is that when you apply it... since you aren't lying down on a table and having someone else apply it... gravity makes the yellow sand stuff fall into the sink, and all over your shirt. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I don't know. If anyone has used this stuff... and you're laughing because clearly this stunod doesn't know what she's doing... please let me know.

There is one company that I so wish would just give us prestige girls their product, but it's hella expensive and I know that it will never happen. ULTA just started carrying the Clarisonic. And if you don't know what this is, ohmygodit'swonderful. Whenever it's on QVC, I drool. It's on my amazon list.. and I know I'll never get it... but it's there so that I can stare at it and drool at it's wonderfulness.

It's basically an electronic toothbrush but for your face... and it makes whatever face wash you use become amazing and wonderful. It exfoliates without ripping your skin... and it' the best thing ever invented. Ever. And I want. But I'm not paying $195 for it. Even with my discount, it's still $147. Just imagine my philosophy Purity Made Simple with the Clarisonic. It would be so wonderful. One of the makeup artists with Paula Dorf swears by it. Paula Dorf actually bought it for her for Christmas one year, and when she saw that we were carrying Clarisonic, she got all kinds of excited because now she can get her replacement heads with us.


Joanie said...

I remember how much you loved Madleline Kahn. Go to this blog and see the youtube on it.

becklette said...

want. we could share custody... month on/month off. also would force us to hang out once a month. and it would only cost $75 each!