Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm such a Bad Gal...

While right now, all I want to do is talk about how mny Phillies are the baseball champions of the world (for 2008 at least) I won't. But just know.. I'm over the moon about it and Joe Buck can suck it! He and McCarver can console themselves for the next year. So for now, my very hoarse voice will not blog about the Phillies. Until it's baseball season again.

The thing that always gets me about Halloween (which is one of my favorite days EVER) is that on November 1st... Christmas decorations are going to be EVERYWHERE. All you'll be able to see is silver, gold, red, green, and white. Those colors are the only ones that will exist for the next two months (and blue, for Jewish people). Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas. But I'd like to get through Thanksgiving before I really start thinking about Christmas.

I have actually started Christmas shopping. So far, I have my mother-in-law, my best friend, and my sister done. Everyone else I know WHAT I'm getting, I just need to spread out the spending. And the only reason my sister is done is because we just got an employee appreciation day at ULTA for my store... so I got 40% off instead of 25% off. I may or may not have also picked up some Benefit as a present for myself during that employee appreciation.

Benefit has my FAVORITE blush in the entire universe... it's called Thrrrob. And it's a true pink blush. It's supposed to make you look like you just had some fun in the sheets because of the shade of pink. That's fine by me. It's just a great color. And I picked up their Bad Gal lash. I have 5 (now 6) mascaras...
* Lash Fusion (which is $39. I love it... but not that price)
* Boujois Clubbing Mascara, which I like... and it's vinyl, so it isn't crunchy, but it is almost a metallic black color, which is a weird look sometimes. This one I didn't pay for... I received it gratis when it came out.
* Stila majorlash mascara, which is the only non-waterproof (or water resistent) mascara I own. it's really creamy. And it's only $8.50.
* Lash Injection Pinpoint (which is $19.50. reasonable.) which I also received as gratis when it came out and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. It's currently my favorite mascara. It's a tube mascara, so it comes off super easily with just water, even though it's water-resistent.
* BE mascara. not a fan. I don't like their mascara because you need to wait for it to dry, and it always ends up all over my face.

Well now I have Benefit's Bad Gal lash... in blue. Every other masacara I own is black, and I tried Bad Gal the other day at the store when I decided to make my eyemakeup look like baseballs (I didn't take a picture and should have. I took Urban Decay's vapor and put it all over the lid. Then I took the Urban Decay gash lip liner and drew in the baseball laces. I lined my eyes in Urban Decay zero then, because it was too much white and my eyes looked dead. But it was a hot look). I decided that i needed some eye brightening action since I had a lot of red near my eyes, and I was exhausted from staying up late watching the World Series. So I tried the Bad Gal in blue.. and FELL IN LOVE. So. I'll let you know if I continue to love it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have a very interesting question to pose. There's this person I work with who is constantly putting their work onto me. Now, I haven't said no... and the times that I have, this person can't take no for an answer and basically threatens my job. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to put other people out, so I'm a helper. I don't mind helping. But when that someone lies to me to get me to do something, or takes my work and passes it on as their own? That's hurtful. Because now I'm being used. Now you're using me to get ahead, and using my work as yours, and that's not ok. Should I wait until this person digs their own grave? Or should I say something?

Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Football Game.

I've been to football games before... high school games. My high school was definitely a sports school. Those jocks were pampered at my school, and they got away with murder. For some reason though, they were great at home, they were a really polished team, but they couldn't follow through on championships. We missed it in basketball my fresh-soph year (that's when the basketball team was amazing... and footbal sucked) and they couldn't do it my junior-senior year in football (when basketball was atrocious. They couldn't be good at the same time...ever.) I was also a cheerleader. Only for my frosh year! But I know a lot about sports. I always watched sports with my dad when I was younger (I didn't care as much then) and now I'm with a sports guy.

Gene is one of those guys who knows all of the answers to all of those dumb trivia questions they ask during games. You know, the ones that feature players from the 60s and 70s when Gene wasn't alive? He's read almost every book about the Phillies. He even met Dallas Green once. He sold him a microwave in Delaware. Well now, because of this guy, I am a sports girl. I bleed Phillies red, and I go green with the Eagles.

Yesterday I went to my first Eagles game ever. This is nothing compared to high school football. The people are drunker (which, at my high school is an accomplishment. Those people are alcoholics), they are louder, and they are more obnoxious. And I loved every minute of it. My favorite part of the game, however, was not the fabulous weather, or the fact that we beat the Falcons. It was the people sitting behind me. This older couple (probably late 50s-early 60s) about halfway through the first quarter were SO DRUNK that they passed out. While holding hands with their heads together. The big guy in front of me stood on his chair and screamed in their face. Nothing. Then people started taking pictures of them and screaming. Nothing. Then people started chucking things at them. Nothing. Finally, security came over and asked them to leave... and the guy was so drunk (and confused from being asleep, probably) that he was spilling his leftover beer all over the place, and he could barely make it down the steps! My entire section exploded in cheers of "Let them sleep!"

About midway through the third quarter, they came back! High-fiving everyone in our section. Apparently security told them to walk around for a bit and have something to eat. It was crazy. Our section was also at war with the section next to us... with who could do the E-A-G-L-E-S- EAGLES chant better. We won. Clearly. It was one heck of a game. All of Philadelphia is totally charged. This weekend was a great weekend for Philadelphia. The Flyers beat the NJ Devils...twice... Penn State won against OSU... The Eagles beat the Falcons... and now the Phils are up 3-1 in the World Series. Sunday was a great day for Philadelphia...because the Phillies TECHNICALLY won two games that day because of the rain delay, AND the Eagles won.

I also still hate Joe Buck. And still wish evilness and sickness on him. I hate that guy. And Santa sucks.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Joe Buck can suck it.

...I choose to ignore yesterday's game... and the fact that the homeplate umpire is blind.

Instead, I wish to share my hatred affair with Joe Buck. Joe Buck was a terrible choice to comment the baseball post season (or fall classic, if you will) on Fox. I know Fox slobs all over Joe Buck, but he A. hates baseball and B. hates the Phillies. If you listen to his coverage of ANY Phillies game he is unabashedly rooting for Philadelphia to fall on their face in embarassment. Back during the NLCS, when the Phillies won away at Dodger Stadium for the first time all year, my best friend Joe Buck described Matt Stairs' homerun as "devastating." Um, not for Philadelphia!

Last night (I'm unignoring the game for the moment simply to Joe Buck-bash) when Shane Victorino made a spectacular in-field single which easily could have been more, and may have scored a run if it hadn't been for Iwamura, all Joe Buck had to say about it was what a wonderful 2nd basemen Iwamura is and how great of a play he made and oh yeah Shane's on base. Any time he could give Philadelphia a compliment, it's backhanded... and it somehow manages to spin it in favor of the Rays.

My favorite is how Joe Buck continues to harp on the past. EVERY game where Lidge comes in to close he brings up 2005 when Lidge blew a very important game. When he didn't play for Philadelphia AND IT WAS THREE YEARS AGO. The only blown-save that Lidge has this year was during the All-Star game in July, and he brings THAT up every time. And last night, what does Fox do? They show the Blue Jays beating Philadelphia in 1993 in Game 6. How many sports commentators does it take to piss off an entire city? One. Joe Buck. Seriously Fox, you aren't winning any fans in the city of brotherly love. Not only do you have Joe Buck AND Troy Aikman comment on Eagles games, but you throw 1993 in our faces? During the World Series? I'm waiting for Phillies phans to boo the crap out of Joe Buck, all of Fox, and the entire Rays team.

Rays fans, I'm sorry, but there were 5 of you before this year. And all 5 of you cannot compete with the passion that is Philadelphia sports phans. Go ahead and take your stupid cow bells that have nothing to do with the city of Tampa Bay whatsoever and shove it. We are the city that celebrates 10,000 losses. We are the city that parades Broad Street in the middle of the night. We are the city who builds personal shrines to Willy Penn asking for forgiveness for building something taller than him, and pleading with him to let Philadelphia win another championship.

The other thing that gets me all riled up while listening to baseball on Fox is that they keep saying "This is a franchise record for the Rays post-season." What post-season? This is their FIRST WINNING SEASON IN FRANCHISE HISTORY. Of COURSE it's a franchise record for their post-season...IT'S THEIR FIRST ONE.

If Fox wants to win back some favor with Philadelphia... you only need to do one thing. Let Harry comment. Just for a few innings. That's all we ask. And yes, he's an employee of the Phillies. But guess what? Harry's SON is an employee of the Rays (he's their commentator). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Capitalize on it! Harry Kalas is a LEGEND in baseball. He has one of the best voices in broadcasting, and you have the chance to have a father-son broadcast from opposite sides of the WORLD SERIES and you don't take it? Come on! There is nothing I would have loved more than when Chase Utley hit his homerun in Game 1 to have heard Harry say "It's outta here!" I love that man. During the 7th inning, I had gotten so pissed off at Joe Buck that muted my television and put on 1210 so I could hear Harry.

Oh, PS... I ordered that shirt from Son & Heir on Wednesday... and it got here today! I was told it wasn't going to be here until Saturday or possibly Monday, but it's here now! And it's wonderful. Now I just need a shirt with Harry's face on it that says "It's outta here!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phightin' like it's 1980

Game 1 of the World Series is tonight... and I'm so pumped that my Phillies are in it!! Usually, I could care less about the WS because I hate the teams that are still in it, but this year I think it's going to be a real phight. I think that the TB Rays are a good matchup for the Phils, and I'm not sure that they could have beat the Sox. The Rays are beatable.

I love how all of these news outlets are saying that the Rays are a slight phavorite to the Phillies this year... when the two teams haven't played at all this year! They haven't played each other since 2006!! I really think that it's going to be a good series, and in all seriousness with just a little bit of bias, I think that the Phillies are going to take it. I think it's going to be tough, but I think they'll win the series. For the first time in 28 years. Breaking the curse. WOO!

I love that one of the stations that I work for carries Phillies games and Eagles games (we're a political station that is sometimes a sports station. Don't ask.) because we often have sports parties. This morning, we had a big pep rally at a local sports bar and went nuts! Last time we had a pep rally it was when the Eagles were in the playoffs... and FOX news came out to cover our pep rally. This year it was just us, but we had Al's Sporting Goods there selling stuff as well... and they gave us station folk a li'l discount, so I got Gene a National Champion Tshirt. We have a lot of NL-East champ stuff, but no National League Champion stuff. They only had adult L and XL, which would be a dress on me, so I opted to not get one and make Gene owe me.

Sunday is going to be very interesting. Word is still out on whether or not Gene is going to go to the World Series (I have a maybe possibly chance of getting ONE and only ONE ticket to the World Series Game 4 on Sunday in Philly... and I think I'd be homeless and single if I didn't give it to Gene) but we'll be at the Eagles game. Probably wearing Phillies gear. In fact, I expect the ratio of Phillies to Eagles gear to be higher. I also expect to hear a Phillies chant or two.

note: the picture at the top is actually a logo for a T-shirt that I WANT REALLY BAD because it's awesome. The company is Son & Heir Apparel, and if you think their shirt is as awesome as I think it is, here is their website: Son & Heir Apparel

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Halloween. My favorite commercial holiday...ever. Because A. it has a religious (re: Pagan, but whatever) origin, and B. it's an excuse to get dressed up like a weirdo, and no one can look at you funny for it. I'm a big fan of making costumes and coming up with concepts and whatnot. Last year for the big poker Halloween party we have in Jersey ever year, Gene and I (and our friends Rich & Deb) dressed up as the Flintstones and the Rubbles... since we're shorter by a lot, we were the Rubbles. I happened to have 5 yards of light blue satin and the perfect pattern for a Betty dress, so Gene's mom made my costume for me, since I haven't used my sewing machine in a while.

This year, we're going as "People who are hard to find" and Gene is going to be Waldo, and I'm going to be Carmen SanDiego. It's going to be awesome. Gene's mom is making Gene's shirt (you have NO idea how hard it is to find a red and white horizontal striped long sleeved t-shirt or sweater) and I'm making the Waldo hat. I have to stop at Michael's for lunch today and pick up circulars and white & red yarn. For mine, I need to find a red fedora like hat... I'm thinking Boscovs or Walmart and raid the Red Hat Ladies section... and I need a red trenchcoat. I found one at Old Navy for $99... but um, no. So I think I need to hit up Goodwill and see if I can find a tan one... and either dye it red (not sure how yet) or spray paint it red. I know that I can turn my washing machine into a dye vat... I'm just afraid to. 'Cuz you know as soon as I do, I'm going to wash whites.. and they'll end up being pink. Why can't I have access to the dye vats in a costume shop somewhere!? Bah!

My other red hat option is to buy a black cowboy hat and just cover it in red fabric. We'll see what happens. I also think I need a long red-auburn wig, because my hair is short and black.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bare are my frenemy.

I had training this morning for BE. In Jersey. So all that sleep I needed to catch up on? Gone...because I needed to wake up THREE HOURS EARLY today so that I could make it to New Jersey in time for training at 8:00. And because I live in Delaware, I had to drive into Philly up 95N first to get on the Walt Whitman. Those of you who are not from this tri-state area... it's a nightmare. Luckily, most of the rush hour is AFTER 76-E (aka the Walt Whitman) by the Vine St. Expressway, but it still is usually not a picnic. Luckily we left just late enough that we missed the 5-6AM rush hour and just early enough to miss the 7-8AM rush hour. So that drive that was going to take us so long because of Philly/Jersey traffic only took 40 minutes... so we ended up being half an hour early for training. Oh well. I still got paid for it because I drove-ha!

BE Training was kind of awesome, but I'm still mad at them for making me wake up early. And be pretty. Not only just awake...but hair done and face done. And I get there...and there are three girls in jeans! with no make up! I woke up at 5AM people!!! Put on some damn makeup to see me!! The BE training itself was fine. Our rep from BE is amazing and I heart her a whole lot...because she used to work for ULTA and she understands. Bare Escentuals users (no offense to those who are users) are kind of crazy. And a little obsessive. So holiday time is always fun bc we always have these cute little kits and things for them. ULTA's main kit is the Topaz, which is super cute and I want one. I don't even wear BE a lot. And I want one. They have a lot of other stuff coming out also (which I won't divulge in case it's a secret. It probably isn't, but I couldn't find info on it anywhere, so I won't) but let me just say that they have some super exciting things coming out in November that make girls like me (aka dry skin girls) very very happy because my super dry skin is what keeps me from using BE as my foundation.

The best part about BE training? Free makeup. Always good. I always like free. I now have cute chocolate themed eyeshadow (including a red one... called red velvet cake. Red eye shadow? Interesting) and the SMOKEY EYE KIT which I love. I'm a big eye makeup fan. If I could get away with no lipstick ever and big drama eyes, I'm a happy girl. One of these days I'll have to post pictures of my crazy eye makeup. I'll get around to it eventually.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I need to realize that I'm no longer in college. I can no longer stay up until 1:00 every night... or 3:30 on the weekends... especially when alcohol is involved. This Monday I am having one heck of a time getting through. I had a hard time getting through yesterday! We had the big grand re-opening (or G-O as we were calling it in ULTA-land) at ULTA this weekend. We've been remodeling for the past two months or so. And now it's SO PRETTY! We have a Bare Escentuals boutique... and a Benefit boutique (AND BENEFIT! Super excited. I heart Benefit!!) and a Smashbox boutique! It's super pretty. And so much more organized. However, because of G-O, I had to work extra this weekend. All day Saturday, all day Sunday. And twice during the week this week, ontop of Bare Escentuals training in Deptford NJ Wednesday morning (8:00 am in Jersey. Ew.)

Saturday night I went to see The Rocky Horror Show (not Picture Show. Actual play.) We were supposed to see the 8:00 show, but Heather the costuming wonder had to work until after 10:30, so we pushed it to the midnight showing. I didn't get home until 3:00 in the morning. I was so tired. This was in the middle of the ULTA G-O. I didn't have too many crazytown clients, but every day I'm in ULTA... I lean more and more towards getting my esthetician's license. I really think that I'd be good at it. Right now I need to focus on catching up on my sleep. I probably got a grand total of 12 hours in three nights. Not good. I was half tempted to take a half sick day today, but I didn't. I do need a nap though. It's getting to the point where my eyes are hot because I'm so tired. When we were closing ULTA last night, I had to walk really slow...if I walked too fast, I got really dizzy and almost passed out. It was not cool.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stupid genetics.

My hair... I blame it all on my grandmother. It's all her fault that my hair, at the age of 24, is turning WHITE. Not grey. White. Not. Fair. I don't want to have to start coloring my hair! Because once you start coloring your hair... you can't stop. So today (in about 2 hours from now) I'm going to my lovely ULTA and getting my hairs did. I need a haircut anyway. I'm actually growing it out.

About 10 weeks ago I had my haircut at this fancy-schmancy place that charged be $60 FOR A HAIRCUT! IT COST ME $75 WITH TIP! That's about how much I spend at ULTA for a cut, highlight, and really good tip. My hair cut there is about $18 (I get half off the salon because I work there. What costs anyone else $100 costs me $50. It's great) Anyway. This woman cut my hair dry, and razor cut. The problem with that? The day of... it looked awesome. In fact, it looked awesome for about 4 weeks. When you razor cut CURLY HAIR... it doesn't grow out well. So. My hair to mostly everyone else looks fine. To me, it feels heavy, it doesn't lay right, and it feels damaged.

Hopefully Lauren will be able to make it look pretty. I'm taking my lunch break from job 1 at ULTA to get the hairs cut. If we have time (i.e. I can get back to the station by like 3:15ish) we're going to color it also. My white hairs need to GO AWAY. I also wish my hair would grow really fast. I miss long hair.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Acid Tongues and Rabbit Fur Coats

I heart Jenny Lewis. A lot. There were maybe 150 people there. Most of them were drunk and slightly obnoxious (like the ones screaming "I LOVE YOU JENNY...DELAWARE LOVES YOU JENNY" every time there was a lull). I hadn't heard any of her solo stuff, only Rilo Kiley. I need her new album. It's awesome. I almost bought a cute Jenny Lewis 2008 T-shirt. It was super cute, but since I just got two Phillies T-shirts, I figured I didn't need a new one.

I have a new guilty pleasure band out of this experience as well... Deer Tick. They're this mix of country, blues, and rock, and the lead singer is really interesting. He's one of those guys who laughs at his own jokes, but they're actually funny. He introduced me to my new favorite political song (it's a song-poem... titled "Jimmy Carter Says Yes")

Can our competent?
Jimmy Carter says yes! Jimmy Carter says yes!
Can our honest?
Jimmy Carter says yes! Jimmy Carter says yes!
Can our decent an open?
As the 39th president...he has spoken yes! Jimmy Carter says yes!

Want to sing along? YOUTUBE LINK!

My favorite part of the show was probably how both Deer Tick and Jenny Lewis and her band ddrank Yuengling the entire time...then switched to Corona because I guess Yuengling ran out. Jenny was drinking beer as if it were water when she needed to clear her throat. Why I found this hysterical, I'm not quite sure, but whatevs. I was raelly hoping that she was going to sneak in a Rilo Kiley song, but alas no. I was also hoping for a Pinksy sighting as well, but again no. (Rilo Kiley's lead guitarist Blake Sennett aka Blake Swendson aka Blake Soper was Ronnie Pinsky from Salute Your Shorts. Sure did have a HUGE crush on him when I was like 11.)

The first band... Royal Family... man. They were painful. Really painful. The lead singer was awkward, had zero stage presence, and often sang with his back to the audience. He was constantly looking at his feet...and he was tone deaf. Every song was flat. His band on the other hand was amazing. The girl who played keyboard and did back up vocals was awesome...she had a great voice and an awesome presence. She did one duet with him...and it was the best song in the set because he did the least amount of singing in that one. Everything was just so flat for him. This will make sense to singers.. but he was going at every note from the bottom instead of coming up over the top if it so it fell really REALLY flat. He also kept constantly sliding into all of his notes, which is fine if you're on-key, but he wasn't.

The night was an overall success though. Strangers thought I was dating my friend Spencer... but whatever. Spence and I went to a local bar that you can walk to from my house and went people watching. It's a New Orleans Cajun bar... and they have this funk bank that plays badly every Friday apparently. Dockta D and the Infirmary. They were worse than Royal Family. But even worse than the band were the women (dressed in late 80s and early 90s clothes... and not in a fashion-forward way...I'm talking cut-out shoulders, giant gold belts, gold alligator heels, and south-west pattern vests) cutting up the dance floor. These ladies were having a grand ol' time, and I was having a ball watching them. If one of these women were your mom, you'd pretend you didn't know them.

I'm still bummed that I didn't get to see Tegan & Sara, but I'm happy that I didn't have to travel far from home to see Jenny Lewis (3 miles. Seriously.) and that I had quite the amusing evening. It really made me miss singing, actually. I spent all of yesterday and this morning while in my car listening to The Last Five Years on my iPod...probably scaring people driving next to and in front of me because I'm singing (and I mean singing as in acting while singing also.. which for The Last Five Years can get a bit emotional) every song. I love that music. It's music like that that makes me miss musical theatre. I keep going back and forth to whether or not I'm going to audition for Seussical in a few months. While I think it would be a lot of fun, I'd have to quit ULTA and I kind of need that job. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Lovely Night

I ended up with the Phils tickets for last nights plan of saying "I'll never win" and then winning...totally worked! So me and the Gene went to the game and had an effing blast!!! Our seats were WONDERFUL. We were right next to the hall of fame seats, so we basically had our own bathroom with ZERO line the entire game... plus food with ZERO line right behind us. Wonderful. And because it was pretty much inside, there was no wind knocking things out of my hand or off the table when I tried to put mustard on my hotdog. The view was pretty awesome too, except it was hard to see extreme left field and we couldn't see the Brewer's lineup.

The game was spectacular. I've never in my life seen a Grand Slam!! What a playoff game!! AND I ended up on fan-o-vision! Me and the goofy older couple next to us were bopping along to "Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing" in between innings...and ended up on the big screen. It was awesome. My first playoff game=success! I also got a supercute women's tshirt of the NL East Champions. It's supercute.

This morning was hard getting up. Very hard. We got back home after 11:30 and I slept really poorly, probably because I was so pumped from the game. So Starbucks needed to happen this morning. So I'm currently having a very pumpkin breakfast. My first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year, and it's glorious. I'm also having the pumpkin & cream cheese muffin, even though I wanted pumpkin loaf, but whatev. It's still yummy. It's just a bit messy. Phillies playoff win + pumpkin things + Jenny Lewis concert tonight = successful week for me. I'm super excited about it all.

HERE'S TO MY BOYS THE PHILS BRINGING OUT THE BROOMS IN MILWAUKEE! Shane Victorino is the love of my life at the moment... and if he wanted me to have his babies, I totally would. I find it funny that the big bats didn't do so well. Utley and Howard struck out all night. The big hits were Victorino (2 2B, and A GRAND SLAM!!), Werth (2 2B) and Rollins (1 2B). Sabathia only gave up 6 hits... and they were all extra base hits. Every. One. Glorious. Plus FIVE STOLEN BASES. My boys were ON FIRE last night!! And major props for Brett Myers for a FANTASTIC at bat and the best base on balls (walk) ever...without which the grand slam would have never happened since there were 2 outs. And a pretty darn good hit as well. Man I love the Phillies. It's times like this when it's good to be from Philadelphia. You don't think about it being the most violent city in the US...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate Drinking Game

Let's make politics fun...and play the debate drinking game! We did this last week for the presidental debate, and we drank anytime they said "Senator."

SO! For the Vice Presidential Debate (clearly more important...and probably more entertaining than the Presidential Debate) drinking game.

* Anytime they use the words "Wall Street" and "Main Street" in the same sentence...DRINK!
* Anytime Governor Palin stares blankly into space...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden says something stupid...DRINK!
* Anytime Governor Palin says something stupid...DRINK!
* Anytime either candidate mentions the economy, Russia, or President Bush...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden makes a dig at Gov. Palin's lack of experience, drink!
* Anytime a moderator asks Gov. Palin a ridiculously stupid question...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden says the word "literally"...DRINK!

Apparently there are a bunch of these floating around now.. which I wasn't aware of until now. Whatevs. I work in a political news station, and they're having a big party at a bar later today to watch the debate (you know, us being from Delaware and all! WOO!) and they are having their own drinking game. So I decided to come up with my own rules. The only one I swiped was the first one, because that's funny. If there are any other ones you can come up with... I always love a good chuckle.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No tickets for me..

Every so often I'm blessed with comp tickets to a local show whether it be theatre or a concert. This Friday, I've scored two tickets (and I'm taking my friend Sara) for Jenny Lewis, the front woman for Rilo Kiley. I heart Rilo Kiley. It's Grey's Anatomy's fault. I heard Portions for Foxes on the soundtrack, and now I have all four of Rilo Kiley's albums and I'm working on getting Jenny Lewis's solo albums.

Earlier today... one of the girls in the marketing department asked me if I wanted ticekts to go see Tegan & Sara, another favorite of mine. She remembered that I'm a huge Tegan & Sara fan because I tried to get them to play their single from the latest cd on our internet rock station. The tickets? Are for this Friday. When I'm already seeing Jenny Lewis. Boo.

The station that I work for has multiple stations. One of them carries Phillies games, and because of that we have some Phillies perks. Like playoff tickets. Except we give those playoff tickets to clients. Any that are left over may be purchased by the staff. Today's game they had like 5 pairs of tickets, and magically five people expressed an interest. For tomorrow's game (which they are giving away for purchase today) there are I'm not sure how many pairs. I think 3. This morning there were only two people on the list for the PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME PHILLIES TICKETS. Now...there are at LEAST 6. Which means...I'm probably not going to see the playoffs this year, and I may cry. I was so excited this morning when I knew that it was only me and the internet manager on the list. And now there are 6 bastard people. I never win anything in raffle situations. Damnit. I really wanted to go...

...ok. Maybe I was wrong.

I admit that I haven't seen anything from 9 to 5. Because it's only in LA. And has been for the past year since it's been workshopped. Since I live in lowly Delaware, I'll have to wait until it hits Broadway in March 2009 to see it... and that's if I feel like paying the exorbitant amount that box offices are charging nowadays. I may look into preview tickets.

I have been scolded for knocking 9 to 5 since I hadn't seen it. I have seen the movie, and I've been noticing the downward spiral in the quality of theatre. I just could't see how that movie can translate into a musical that's going to catch on the way that Wicked, Rent, and Hairspray did. It's a cute movie. It's one of those movies that I categorize as bad movies you love. It's not that the acting is bad, because it isn't or else it would be unwatchable. It's just a lot of fluff. Legally Blonde is one of those movies, and so is Bed of Roses (which happens to be one of my favorite movies ever). Even Mel Brooks' latest musical didn't do so hot... and Young Frankenstein has musical juggernauts in it (Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Roger Bart... and Susan Stroman choreography). There's no reason that that show shouldn't have a sold out house every night.

With that said... I looked up the cast of 9 to 5. And I have to tell you... it has my three favorite musical theatre women in it. Allison Janey... one of the funniest ladies in entertainment today. If you want to see good comedy, watch Drop Dead Gorgeous. She's flipping hysterical. Stephanie J. Block...the woman who was supposed to be Elphaba in the first place... she's incredible and very underrated. And finaly, Megan Hilty...who is comedy gold. She's playing Dolly Parton's role, and she's this perfect mixture of Dolly and Loni Anderson's character from WKRP in Cincinatti (and if you have no idea what that is, RENT IT...IT'S AWESOME. I wish they would release it with the original music in it though. WKRP was a great TV show that I only discovered last year...and it isn't just funny for radio people.) I also looked up some stuff on Youtube, which is scarce since 9 to 5 is only on the West Coast, and us poor lowly East Coast folk have to wait and search on Youtube, and I now have the song 9 to 5 stuck in my head. So thanks for that. The only stage clip they have is a montage to the chorus singing 9 to 5. Which sounds pretty good. And they have a clip of Megan Hilty (which is where I got the Loni Anderson vibe... because the way she stands and a scene where she rips the boss a new asshole really reminded me of something that Jennifer did in WKRP). but that's it. Any other songs are just audio with the logo on 9 to 5 on it.

I said before that when I listen to musicals or see them... I'm looking for that song where I go "Wow... I need to sing that." 9 to 5 has that song. Get Out and Stay Out. Stephanie Block sings it... and man can that girl sing. It's really visceral. My gauge for good theatre (and this may sound really dumb, but whatever) is if I cry or not. And I cry at happy theatre. I cry HARD at happy theatre. I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway when I was 14 (STARRING ANDREA MCARDLE WHO I FREAKING LOVE) and during Be Our Guest...I burst into tears. Because it was pretty. The next year, I saw Annie Get Your Gun...and as soon as Bernadette Peters walked onstage I was a sobbing mess. And that entrance is funny. Sometimes I'm crying because I'm laughing so hard, like in Hairspray. When I saw Wicked... I knew I was going to cry as soon as Elphaba started flying in Defying Gravity, and I did. I know that if I do get to see 9 to 5... when that song happens... I'm going to burst into tears.

When I'm wrong, I admit it. and I was wrong about 9 to 5. I hope it does well. I don't wish ill on any piece of theatre...I hope they all go well. I'm just a realist, and when I don't think something is going to work I have no problem saying it. But when I'm wrong... I say I'm wrong.