Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bare are my frenemy.

I had training this morning for BE. In Jersey. So all that sleep I needed to catch up on? Gone...because I needed to wake up THREE HOURS EARLY today so that I could make it to New Jersey in time for training at 8:00. And because I live in Delaware, I had to drive into Philly up 95N first to get on the Walt Whitman. Those of you who are not from this tri-state area... it's a nightmare. Luckily, most of the rush hour is AFTER 76-E (aka the Walt Whitman) by the Vine St. Expressway, but it still is usually not a picnic. Luckily we left just late enough that we missed the 5-6AM rush hour and just early enough to miss the 7-8AM rush hour. So that drive that was going to take us so long because of Philly/Jersey traffic only took 40 minutes... so we ended up being half an hour early for training. Oh well. I still got paid for it because I drove-ha!

BE Training was kind of awesome, but I'm still mad at them for making me wake up early. And be pretty. Not only just awake...but hair done and face done. And I get there...and there are three girls in jeans! with no make up! I woke up at 5AM people!!! Put on some damn makeup to see me!! The BE training itself was fine. Our rep from BE is amazing and I heart her a whole lot...because she used to work for ULTA and she understands. Bare Escentuals users (no offense to those who are users) are kind of crazy. And a little obsessive. So holiday time is always fun bc we always have these cute little kits and things for them. ULTA's main kit is the Topaz, which is super cute and I want one. I don't even wear BE a lot. And I want one. They have a lot of other stuff coming out also (which I won't divulge in case it's a secret. It probably isn't, but I couldn't find info on it anywhere, so I won't) but let me just say that they have some super exciting things coming out in November that make girls like me (aka dry skin girls) very very happy because my super dry skin is what keeps me from using BE as my foundation.

The best part about BE training? Free makeup. Always good. I always like free. I now have cute chocolate themed eyeshadow (including a red one... called red velvet cake. Red eye shadow? Interesting) and the SMOKEY EYE KIT which I love. I'm a big eye makeup fan. If I could get away with no lipstick ever and big drama eyes, I'm a happy girl. One of these days I'll have to post pictures of my crazy eye makeup. I'll get around to it eventually.

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CharmCityChica said...

I love BE! I have tried nearly everything under the sun and this stuff is great.

Can't wait to hear some of your tips and secrets!