Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate Drinking Game

Let's make politics fun...and play the debate drinking game! We did this last week for the presidental debate, and we drank anytime they said "Senator."

SO! For the Vice Presidential Debate (clearly more important...and probably more entertaining than the Presidential Debate) drinking game.

* Anytime they use the words "Wall Street" and "Main Street" in the same sentence...DRINK!
* Anytime Governor Palin stares blankly into space...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden says something stupid...DRINK!
* Anytime Governor Palin says something stupid...DRINK!
* Anytime either candidate mentions the economy, Russia, or President Bush...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden makes a dig at Gov. Palin's lack of experience, drink!
* Anytime a moderator asks Gov. Palin a ridiculously stupid question...DRINK!
* Anytime Senator Biden says the word "literally"...DRINK!

Apparently there are a bunch of these floating around now.. which I wasn't aware of until now. Whatevs. I work in a political news station, and they're having a big party at a bar later today to watch the debate (you know, us being from Delaware and all! WOO!) and they are having their own drinking game. So I decided to come up with my own rules. The only one I swiped was the first one, because that's funny. If there are any other ones you can come up with... I always love a good chuckle.

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