Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm such a Bad Gal...

While right now, all I want to do is talk about how mny Phillies are the baseball champions of the world (for 2008 at least) I won't. But just know.. I'm over the moon about it and Joe Buck can suck it! He and McCarver can console themselves for the next year. So for now, my very hoarse voice will not blog about the Phillies. Until it's baseball season again.

The thing that always gets me about Halloween (which is one of my favorite days EVER) is that on November 1st... Christmas decorations are going to be EVERYWHERE. All you'll be able to see is silver, gold, red, green, and white. Those colors are the only ones that will exist for the next two months (and blue, for Jewish people). Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas. But I'd like to get through Thanksgiving before I really start thinking about Christmas.

I have actually started Christmas shopping. So far, I have my mother-in-law, my best friend, and my sister done. Everyone else I know WHAT I'm getting, I just need to spread out the spending. And the only reason my sister is done is because we just got an employee appreciation day at ULTA for my store... so I got 40% off instead of 25% off. I may or may not have also picked up some Benefit as a present for myself during that employee appreciation.

Benefit has my FAVORITE blush in the entire universe... it's called Thrrrob. And it's a true pink blush. It's supposed to make you look like you just had some fun in the sheets because of the shade of pink. That's fine by me. It's just a great color. And I picked up their Bad Gal lash. I have 5 (now 6) mascaras...
* Lash Fusion (which is $39. I love it... but not that price)
* Boujois Clubbing Mascara, which I like... and it's vinyl, so it isn't crunchy, but it is almost a metallic black color, which is a weird look sometimes. This one I didn't pay for... I received it gratis when it came out.
* Stila majorlash mascara, which is the only non-waterproof (or water resistent) mascara I own. it's really creamy. And it's only $8.50.
* Lash Injection Pinpoint (which is $19.50. reasonable.) which I also received as gratis when it came out and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. It's currently my favorite mascara. It's a tube mascara, so it comes off super easily with just water, even though it's water-resistent.
* BE mascara. not a fan. I don't like their mascara because you need to wait for it to dry, and it always ends up all over my face.

Well now I have Benefit's Bad Gal lash... in blue. Every other masacara I own is black, and I tried Bad Gal the other day at the store when I decided to make my eyemakeup look like baseballs (I didn't take a picture and should have. I took Urban Decay's vapor and put it all over the lid. Then I took the Urban Decay gash lip liner and drew in the baseball laces. I lined my eyes in Urban Decay zero then, because it was too much white and my eyes looked dead. But it was a hot look). I decided that i needed some eye brightening action since I had a lot of red near my eyes, and I was exhausted from staying up late watching the World Series. So I tried the Bad Gal in blue.. and FELL IN LOVE. So. I'll let you know if I continue to love it.

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