Friday, October 3, 2008

A Lovely Night

I ended up with the Phils tickets for last nights plan of saying "I'll never win" and then winning...totally worked! So me and the Gene went to the game and had an effing blast!!! Our seats were WONDERFUL. We were right next to the hall of fame seats, so we basically had our own bathroom with ZERO line the entire game... plus food with ZERO line right behind us. Wonderful. And because it was pretty much inside, there was no wind knocking things out of my hand or off the table when I tried to put mustard on my hotdog. The view was pretty awesome too, except it was hard to see extreme left field and we couldn't see the Brewer's lineup.

The game was spectacular. I've never in my life seen a Grand Slam!! What a playoff game!! AND I ended up on fan-o-vision! Me and the goofy older couple next to us were bopping along to "Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing" in between innings...and ended up on the big screen. It was awesome. My first playoff game=success! I also got a supercute women's tshirt of the NL East Champions. It's supercute.

This morning was hard getting up. Very hard. We got back home after 11:30 and I slept really poorly, probably because I was so pumped from the game. So Starbucks needed to happen this morning. So I'm currently having a very pumpkin breakfast. My first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year, and it's glorious. I'm also having the pumpkin & cream cheese muffin, even though I wanted pumpkin loaf, but whatev. It's still yummy. It's just a bit messy. Phillies playoff win + pumpkin things + Jenny Lewis concert tonight = successful week for me. I'm super excited about it all.

HERE'S TO MY BOYS THE PHILS BRINGING OUT THE BROOMS IN MILWAUKEE! Shane Victorino is the love of my life at the moment... and if he wanted me to have his babies, I totally would. I find it funny that the big bats didn't do so well. Utley and Howard struck out all night. The big hits were Victorino (2 2B, and A GRAND SLAM!!), Werth (2 2B) and Rollins (1 2B). Sabathia only gave up 6 hits... and they were all extra base hits. Every. One. Glorious. Plus FIVE STOLEN BASES. My boys were ON FIRE last night!! And major props for Brett Myers for a FANTASTIC at bat and the best base on balls (walk) ever...without which the grand slam would have never happened since there were 2 outs. And a pretty darn good hit as well. Man I love the Phillies. It's times like this when it's good to be from Philadelphia. You don't think about it being the most violent city in the US...

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