Monday, October 13, 2008


I need to realize that I'm no longer in college. I can no longer stay up until 1:00 every night... or 3:30 on the weekends... especially when alcohol is involved. This Monday I am having one heck of a time getting through. I had a hard time getting through yesterday! We had the big grand re-opening (or G-O as we were calling it in ULTA-land) at ULTA this weekend. We've been remodeling for the past two months or so. And now it's SO PRETTY! We have a Bare Escentuals boutique... and a Benefit boutique (AND BENEFIT! Super excited. I heart Benefit!!) and a Smashbox boutique! It's super pretty. And so much more organized. However, because of G-O, I had to work extra this weekend. All day Saturday, all day Sunday. And twice during the week this week, ontop of Bare Escentuals training in Deptford NJ Wednesday morning (8:00 am in Jersey. Ew.)

Saturday night I went to see The Rocky Horror Show (not Picture Show. Actual play.) We were supposed to see the 8:00 show, but Heather the costuming wonder had to work until after 10:30, so we pushed it to the midnight showing. I didn't get home until 3:00 in the morning. I was so tired. This was in the middle of the ULTA G-O. I didn't have too many crazytown clients, but every day I'm in ULTA... I lean more and more towards getting my esthetician's license. I really think that I'd be good at it. Right now I need to focus on catching up on my sleep. I probably got a grand total of 12 hours in three nights. Not good. I was half tempted to take a half sick day today, but I didn't. I do need a nap though. It's getting to the point where my eyes are hot because I'm so tired. When we were closing ULTA last night, I had to walk really slow...if I walked too fast, I got really dizzy and almost passed out. It was not cool.

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Tenacious Tess said...

Tylenol PM plus the history channel is what you need to get caught up. Go get some sleep!