Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stupid genetics.

My hair... I blame it all on my grandmother. It's all her fault that my hair, at the age of 24, is turning WHITE. Not grey. White. Not. Fair. I don't want to have to start coloring my hair! Because once you start coloring your hair... you can't stop. So today (in about 2 hours from now) I'm going to my lovely ULTA and getting my hairs did. I need a haircut anyway. I'm actually growing it out.

About 10 weeks ago I had my haircut at this fancy-schmancy place that charged be $60 FOR A HAIRCUT! IT COST ME $75 WITH TIP! That's about how much I spend at ULTA for a cut, highlight, and really good tip. My hair cut there is about $18 (I get half off the salon because I work there. What costs anyone else $100 costs me $50. It's great) Anyway. This woman cut my hair dry, and razor cut. The problem with that? The day of... it looked awesome. In fact, it looked awesome for about 4 weeks. When you razor cut CURLY HAIR... it doesn't grow out well. So. My hair to mostly everyone else looks fine. To me, it feels heavy, it doesn't lay right, and it feels damaged.

Hopefully Lauren will be able to make it look pretty. I'm taking my lunch break from job 1 at ULTA to get the hairs cut. If we have time (i.e. I can get back to the station by like 3:15ish) we're going to color it also. My white hairs need to GO AWAY. I also wish my hair would grow really fast. I miss long hair.

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Joanie6726 said...

At 24, you're starting late! My hair started to turn white at 16!