Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It just keeps getting longer and longer...

I feel like every list I'm keeping right now has been doused with Miracle Grow and it's going to turn into the world's largest cucumber soon. For example... wedding stuffs. When we figured out the budget (read: when my dad said I have this much money to give you) we crunched the numbers and figured out that the magic number was 180. 180 total guests. That's it. Right now? My number is 192.

It was 186... which is okay because we're anticipating a few people declining (like my aunts who already booked their July 4th beach house in Florida... my cousin who lives in Texas... and a few of Gzilla's relatives who are across the country) but then my dad had a few additions. I forgot my two aunts who divorced my dad's family(these two are very smart women--just as my mom). At first, Daddy Dearest was unsure about inviting them, and since he's paying... if he's uncomfortable, I feel awkward saying "No, they are my aunts whether or not they have my last name anymore or no" but he finally caved on that one. And then he adds that he wants me to invite my uncle's new wife's two adult children (did you follow that?)

Now, I have no problem with these two people... but if we're trying to limit the numbers, especially since the ONLY friends that I'm inviting are in my wedding party, I don't exactly feel comfortable not inviting the women that I lived with for years in college, but I can invite these two people who are practically strangers that I've met all of twice. But, again, my dad is the one paying for the reception... and he already mentioned it to his brother... so they're on the list. And he's right, it IS a nice gesture. But these are the side of my family that I'm trying to distance myself from, so it's hard.

The other list that's growing is the things I need to pay for. Trying to fit Christmas in the midst of all the wedding payments is a bit difficult this year to say the least. But, Gzilla and I decided to set a limit on our gifts, and then we'll save up to go to a fancy dinner in Philly. We'll probably go back to 10Arts and have Jen Carroll from Top Chef make us dinner again. That place was amazing...

Anyone have lists that keep growing and growing?