Monday, November 3, 2008

Nothing like being all alone when everything happens...

The Carmen Sandiego/Waldo costumes were a big hit this Halloween... but I lost the costume contest. I lost the "best female" to a Navy Pin-up Girl...but I was clearly sexier than her as an international genius thief. Whatevs. My friend Lea took the "overall best costume" because, well, it was. Her costumes are always amazing. It actually took me a full 5 minutes to figure out who she was. Her husband looked pretty good also, but Lea always looks amazing. She cheats though. She's a high school drama teacher, and she borrows costumes from the cage... and uses prosthetics every year. Girl is talented with makeup.

Saturday I was home all by my lonesome, and had quite the evening. It all started out with me getting quite angry at my computer. Everytime I opened internet explorer (and I have the new version. I don't remember if that's 7 or 8. Whatever the new one with the tabs is) it would open about 60 new tabs... not to any particular webpage, in fact, they were all blank. But I couldn't even do an internet search for what the problem was! I ended up having to do a system restore. Annoying.

About an hour later, I see red flashing lights outside my house.. and lo and behold, there is a firetruck (sans sirens) parked in front of my house. I'm too scared to go outside, for fear of people thinking I'm nosey. I am. But I don't need my neighbors knowing that I'm nosey. The firemen get out of the truck, go next door, and about 30 minutes later, they leave, waving to my next door neighbor. I've never met my next door neighbor.. she just moved in.. so I have no idea why there was a firetruck there. No hoses ever left the truck, though, and if it was a fire you'd think that they'd get the people on either side out of their houses (I have a townhouse).

A few hours after that (it's now 2AM) I'm still by myself, watching reruns of CSI and Without a Trace, when I hear SCREAMING outside. I mute the TV and I hear (quite clearly) GET MY F*ING SISTER OUT OF YOUR F*ING CAR! GET MY F*ING SISTER OUT OF YOUR F*ING CAR!!! There were about 10 people directly across the street from my house (still about 100 ft away) having a fist fight on their front lawn in my neighborhood. From what I could gather from through my window, slightly overweight guy in a white shirt was yelling at a red pickup truck, his sister gets out of the pickup truck and starts shoving him. He shoves back, the boyfriend comes up and starts punching the brother. Meanwhile, the sister is still inbetween them. The boyfriend throws her to the ground (classy, right?) and he and the brother start punching each other in the face for a good 10 minutes. I ended up calling the cops... but by the time they drove by, the fight had broken up and the red pickup truck drove away. Slightly overweight angry (drunk?) guy was still yelling outside though.

I've lived in a few scary places, this isn't one of them, but that's the first time I've ever called the police on my neighbors. I probably should have some other times... like when I lived in the hispanic ghetto of Allentown and there were drug deals across the street and gunshots were a norm. Gotta love cheap housing when you're in college.


King of New York Hacks said...

Sounds like a true scary Halloween story. Glad you survived to tell the tale.

Joanie6726 said...

I can't think of another place to send this to you. Remember Maureen, Lynn's daughter in CT? Check out her blog about aising her baby with Downs Syndrome. She's sooo cute!!!

Ben said...

gah! I woke up to a 20 person brawl outside of my apartment once. Do you love the lack of mental capacity you get from being woken up though? I can't even remember what I did if anything.