Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilighting and Silver Jewelry (spoilers, fyi)

I finally saw Twilight, so among the bajillion of other book lovers, I'm blogging about my disappointment and things I actually enjoyed about it.

I knew off the bat that the effects were going to be cheesy, so I didn't let it bother me. Instead, Sara and I laughed at them the entire time. It actually made it fun, inappropriately laughing while trying not to get our heads snapped by the 12-yr old vampiras.

Things that did upset me?
* Tyler didn't exist... like at all. He almost kills Bella with the car, and then disappears. I love the Tyler vs. Mike tension! It's hilarious!
* Bella wore her jacket in Port Angeles at the restaurant. I know that's picky, but it upset me.
* Taylor Lautner? He's a white kid. A white kid who went tanning to look Native American.
* Sparkly Edward looked more like Emma Frost in diamond form than I ever really wanted. (oh yeah, i'm an X-Men
* Jasper... doesn't have his power... and is either really constipated or has a gun held to his back the entire time. And his hair? *almost* as bad as Carlisle's.
* Carlisle's hair... was really funny. He walked on screen, and I burst out laughing.
* It seemed like the director, the actors, everyone involved thought that this movie was a big joke. And then realized after they shot it that it was going to make a lot of money. And they tried to fix it. And they failed.

Things I loved:
* Charlie & Bella's relationship. It was perfect.
* Charlie in general. That actor was perfect.
* Edward & Bella's relationship I thought was spot on, and I thought Robert Pattinson's acting was great, despite reviews that he was "wooden." I didn't think he was wooden at all.
* Angela & Eric. Awesome. Just...awesome.
* Vampire baseball pretty much lived up to my expectations.
* The set-up for the remaining story.

Things I wanted:
* More Alice and more Esme.
* I'm curious to see how they do Breaking Dawn at all... or if they somehow make it so that Breaking Dawn never happens, which would piss off every Twilight fan ever.
* I'm curious how New Moon goes...

The rest of my weekend was fairly uneventful except for the Silpada party I went to. Silpada is like Tupperware, except it's silver jewelry and SUPER PRETTY. And I may or may not have booked my own party... for January... which becklette better come to!