Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enough with the crazy!

It isn't even Black Friday yet, and I've already had my fair share of ULTA shopping crazies. Last night, this woman comes in ten minutes before we close demanding a "makeup artist." Well. We don't have any of those on staff, so you get me. Who is trained on all the makeup lines, but I'm not a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Whatever. She tells me horror stories about the last time she was in and how this girl told her Bare Escentuals doesn't have a shade for her (which was a lie, but whatever) and how this girl had terrible skin and horrible makeup. I know the girl she was talking about, and she has a serious skin condition that she's been dealing with for years. Now she looks great because she's on acutane. But for a while, she had a really bad acne problem. I didn't appreciate the bash on my friend who has an unfortunate overproduction of sebum (the oil in your skin). But fine. I let it go.

Then she grills me about everything Bare Escentuals does, and demands to know if I wear it, and yells "don't lie." I don't. I tell people I don't because they don't match my skin. Which is true. She tells me that we have the same skin color and she can't wear Bare Escentuals. We don't have the same skin color, she's much more gold than I am. But I humor her. It's now 5 minutes before we close, and I don't do full makeovers when we're closing, but this woman was such a nutjob that I HAD to do one, because she kept yelling at me when I didn't do the other things. I didn't put mineral veil on her and she flipped her lid! Then she grilled this poor girl I was training (IT WAS HER FIRST FREAKING DAY) if she wears Bare Escentuals. Then crazy starts talking about herself in the third person, and my poor trainee was so lost and had no idea what she was talking about.

Now, I'm a good salesperson. I'm a really good salesperson. It also doesn't hurt that I like the products that I sell and that they are very nice. But I didn't want to do my pitch, I just wanted to clean my damn store and be on with it! And THEN this woman finally leaves, and says to me "Oh don't worry... I'm coming back" like it was a threat. Am I supposed to be frightened?

I'm already wishing for Christmas to be over. Is that normal? Between my two jobs... I've started to hate Christmas. I just want everything to go away for a whiel. I'm not looking forward to Black Friday. Luckily, I have off from the radio station... but I have to work at ULTA at 5am. Not happiness.

Edit: I changed "talking about herself in first person" to third person. Because first person makes no sense.

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becklette said...

(do you mean third person? everyone talks about themselves in the first person.)

by the way, i'm totally going to come harass you at ulta for my 165 makeover. totally. and i'm gonna be a bitch. but then i'll buy you a drink and write a letter to your boss telling them how awesome you are and that they should give you more presents.