Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow comes up, Charlie Brown. It comes up!

It's snowing. Before Thanksgiving. This I am so not okay with. So far... my day has been a big bowl of poo. I woke up late...and I woke up to about an inch of snow and counting. I go out to my car about 10 minutes earlier than normal, turn on my car to warm it up, and then start dusting the snow off of my car with my broom. After about 10 or so minutes (not sure exactly how long, my cell phone aka my clock is inside the car. with my purse.) I finish sweeping snow off of my car, and I'm all ready to drive off.

Except my car is locked.

Apparently my car (which is new to me as of the summer) automatically locks when you turn it on. Something I was apparently unaware of until this very moment. I actually thought it automatically locked when you put it in gear. Nope. When you turn it on. I start walking to the future mother-in-law's house, which is really not all that far away. She has a spare key to my house, but not to the deadbolt. So I take her car and drive to the school Gene teaches at, get his house keys, drop the van back off at the future mother-in-law's and go on my merry way. THANK GOD the car was still there and nothing was taken. Like my purse. And my cell phone. And my GPS.

As I'm driving to work listening to my morning show (Preston & Steve...they're hilarious), I didn't want to take 95 to work. But because I had to take Gene's keys back to him, taking any other way besides 95 would have been out of the way. So of course, as soon as I get close to 95...there's an accident with injuries. So I get stuck there. Then as soon as I get onto 95, it's jammed. I just can't win! I was almost an hour late for work. Luckily, I haven't had any time to leave for lunch all this week except for yesterday (I've eaten, don't worry, I just haven't left nor stopped working) so I have some time built up that I can still leave at a reasonable hour today.

I really hope today gets better. This morning was just riduculous. At least my car was warm...because my feet were slightly FREEZING from having to be outside in the snow for a while. Maybe I should have worn my boots instead of sneakers that get wet easily...

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