Friday, November 14, 2008

The Perks

When people from home and college found out that I now work in radio, I got a lot of "Hey, can you get my concert tickets?" Sadly, no. I usually can't even get them for me. Not free anyway. I did get to see Jenny Lewis for free, though..but it was a local show and it was a show that was not in high demand. Coldplay? Ain't happening. Not that I'd want to see them anyway, because I'm not at all a fan.

Yesterday, the programming director asked me what I was doing tomorrow (well, today now) to which I responded Um. Hanging out with my mom? Because I am. Saturday morning I'm getting a massage from my mom's friend Tina, and I'm not driving to Pottstown at 8am on a Saturday. So I'm going to Pottstown tonight instead. The conversation went as follows:

PD: So you don't want to see a concert tomorrow?
Me: Which one?
PD: OAR. You don't want tickets to that for tomorrow?
Me: Okay.
PD: And backstage passes?
Me: Okay!

So I asked my friend Sara (who, right now, is lame) to go with me...but she told me this morning that she couldn't. I thought of asking Deb to go, but since one of OAR's biggest songs is "Crazy Game of Poker" I thought it may be too much for her, so I didn't ask her. Then I had to put the word out to like a bajillion people because everyone I asked couldn't make it to Newark by 6:30. Finally my cousin Gabby got back to me after I changed my facebook status to "the first person to call/email me gets to see OAR and meet the band" so she's coming with me. I have so many people who are OAR fans that couldn't go. I have the cousin who is 9 months pregnant and due in about a week... I have the cousin who lives in Baltimore but has to work at 6am tomorrow... i have the best friend who lives in PA but didn't get back to me fast enough. It's crazytown. So now I am getting the "Ooh do you still have the ticket" emails and text messages. Sorry kids, you snooze... you lose.

And becklette...I know I didn't say anything about it to you, but I figured with all the car-ness that getting to Newark DE by 6:30 without me driving to get you would be near impossible, so I didn't mention it.

ETA: My cousin? The 9-month pregnant one? Had her baby Friday night. So she was a bit busy to go with me. They had a little girl, Juliet Catherine, and she's beautiful. She has two hot parents, so that kid is going to be a knockout.

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becklette said...

i probably could have gotten there... but i couldn't go. since i had to make a gluten-free, egg-free aladdin-themed birthday cake. so, yeah, that's cool. besides, i'm funny about live music. and i turn VERY VERY stupid around famous people. VERY.