Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ambitious Undertaking

I have decided that for one of the two weddings that I need to go to this June, I want to mae my dress. Probably for the first wedding...which is on Gene's birthday, and the first of the two weddings. I have this ADORABLE french blue Anne Taylor dress that I wore to a wedding a year ago, and this first wedding (Gene's friends) has the exact same wedding party on the groom's side as last year's, so I can't wear the Anne Taylor dress to that. The second wedding is a family wedding, and only Gene has seen me in that dress... so most likely I'll wear the blue dress to that wedding.

Anyway. I'm on Vogue Patterns' website today, and discover that they're having a 2-day sale, and all of their patterns are only $5.99! Which is awesome, because usually they're $15+. But I need help deciding. The sale is over tomorrow, so I have until midnight tomorrow to decide on what the heck dress I'm going to get, and there are a few that I LOVE. So here they are. A little bit about my figure beforehand... I'm short, slim build, and pear shaped, thanks to the fact that I have a butt. I don't have small boobs or big boobs...fairly in the middle. So I don't have to worry about falling out of anything.

Dress 1:

I love the cut of this dress, but I'd probably choose a different fabric. Probably still a print, because I think in a solid this dress may be boring.

Dress 2:

This was the first dress that drew my eye, actually. I love the detail belt. And I love the red, so I'd probably keep the color.

Dress 3:

Ok. This dress has a few in the pattern. I like the one of the main picture... and I like the idea of a textured fabric. The other variation I like is the one on the bottom left(the black dress with the shoulder and belt detail in a different fabric). I also like the blue one right above that.

Ok. So. HELP. Which one!??


Liz said...

I like th ebottom 2 patterns. With the patterns being on such a good sale, I'd buy all 3, myself. The top dress would make a cute running aorund in the summertime kind of dress.

I really like that red dress with the beading on it.

Joanie said...

OK, I ran over to BK to get online and see what you were talking about.
I like the 3rd dress best, then the top one, finally the middle in last place.
I agree with Liz, the first dress looks really casual.
You'll have to take a picture of yourself in the dress you finally decide on and show us all!

Bayjb said...

I love the first dress. It's perfect for spring and fall with a jacket or wrap. Love it.

becklette said...

i adore #1. #3 i only sleeveless and in a fun pattern (but? you can totally buy that dress from, ruffle hem optional. #2... i just think is pretty pedestrian. and not a super-flatering shape for you.

so #1. make #1. and feel free to make me one, too.