Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not so much ideal...

I tried so hard to have a nice relaxing weekend. It didn't so much work. At all. But that's all right.

I did get to try out my new bubblebath from Lush called The Comforter. It turned my water pink, and I smelled like heaven all day! My bath was the best part of my weekend. It was a bit 'spensive, but it was wonderful. Lush uses sodium bicarbonate in their bubble bath... so the bubbles last longer and they aren't harmful to lady parts. And you only use a little piece of the bubble bar, and not the entire bar as some people thought. Because $15 is an expensive bubble bath for just one. But you get like 4 baths out of the bubble bar.. and it's wonderful. I love it. I also have two bath bombs that I have yet to try.

I have to go clothes shopping for lunch today because I have to ULTA this evening, and all of my black clothes except my pants are in the laundry... so... I couldn't wear them. So I need to get a black shirt to wear for today. I must must must do laundry tonight because I also have to ULTA tomorrow (I'm making up hours that I lost because of NYC.... so I'm working 3 days instead of one at ULTA). ULTA has been weird lately... because we're remodeling. And have no managers. Like none. At all. No AGM, no GM, and no DM. We have an RM... but I've never met her. Supposedly we're getting someone from Florida and someone from New York to supervise the store until we have new managers and we are finished the remodel. Things are so nuts there... everyone is on edge and cranky.

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