Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hate the internet. Hate. Much much hate.

My job makes me want to rip out every single hair on my head one by one. And not because people are making unreasonable requests (well, they are... especially the ones who want me to just take the music out. Um. That's impossible. But thanks for playing). Because the internet makes me want to cry. For the past almost week, Comcast has decided to mess with our internets. We have no email access through outlook (aka my life) and have very VERY limited internet connectibility. I hate Comcast. I hate them. They do this to us all of the time. And we? use the internet every single day for work. I can't access my internet music library without, uh, the internet. I can't download spots from the websites they're on without, uh, the internet. I can't email airchecks to the many many people I send airchecks to without, guess what, the internet. I'm going out of my mind here! If someone wants to threaten Comcast with bodily harm on my behalf, I'd really appreciate it. I really wish we could switch to Verizon Fios. Stupid Fios not being in this area. Stupid Verizon. I hate the internet...it sucks.

On a side note...any one know any food items (i.e. cookies mayhaps?) that would survive a flight to Ireland and not be stale and/or gross? I'm thinking of being a super good friend. The scarf I've been working on for the girl who left me for Ireland (stupid Ireland) is almost halfway done (yay!) and I have some other things to put in the box as well... but I was thinking of maybe cookies. Good idea? Bad idea? I don't know. I never shipped food overseas before.


becklette said...

pinwheel cookies, lightly padded, in an airtight container. they last a loooong time. btw, most cookies are fine in an airtight container for up to three weeks.

Jessica said...
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Bayjb said...

Cookies are nice but I also recommend candy or gummi candy products as they have a shelf life of...well forever. Sorry Comcast is screwing you, I hate them too. My computer at work is PAINFULLY slow, almost making me want to cry.

Thanks for the comment, you're super sweet :)