Monday, September 8, 2008

Friendship...just the perfect blendship

I may have some abandonment issues. And not because some parental trauma happened in my life (well, not when I was a child anyway) but mainly because I've had some seriously shitty friends who generally turn out to not be friends and repeatedly stab me in the back. And it mostly comes from those I considered "best" friends. There was my "twin" best friend (we played twins in a play) who lied to a bunch of people by telling them I was a lesbian, and then later slept with my high school boyfriend. After we broke up... but like a month after we broke up. And she called me a year later to tell me. I hadn't heard from her in about a year at that time. Then there was the other best friend who during our senior year, didn't name me her co-editor of the yearbook (which was valid, because I was president of one club, VP of another, and involved in two other clubs, plus voice lessons, plus dance lessons, plus a job), but then when I did all of the duties of the co-editor because the co-editor she did name was a big loser, she didn't recognize that. And then never told me when the club picture was, so I wasn't in it, nor as I listed in the back of the yearbook as a contributor (despite the fact I wrote 12 stories, did most of the cropping, and most of the captions). She also was supposed to get a limo with me for prom.. and then got it with someone else and never told me, hung up on me when me and the asshole ex (the one who slept with my twin friend) broke up because she had "more important things" to do (and that was an exact quote), and when I called her to visit during senior week, she wouldn't tell me where they were staying. I've had some really great friends.

Well, now the one person that hasn't stabbed me repeatedly in the back... is moving. Tomorrow. To Ireland. That's really far. And she's also one of the only friends that I have that's remotely close. It sucks. I have recently made a few new friends because of the play that I did. One of them, Sara, is having a knitting party this weekend. That's right. I knit. I'm ok at it. Sara's pretty darn good. She can knit with multiple needles, and in the round, and lots of crazy stuff that I'm no where near good enough to even try. But this weekend I'm making my friend a scarf since she said she didn't have one for when she moves to Ireland. It's going to be pink. And ribbed, I think. I hope it doesn't suck and that it doesn't take me a long time... because it's already cold over there. At least now I have an excuse to go to Ireland. And as she informed me, a round trip ticket is "only" $400. Good thing I keep that kind of money in my ass for just these occasions.

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becklette said...

what a good idea! i've been meaning to get a piggy bank... i never even thought to just keep my spare change in my ass!

(ps- buck up, lady! she'll be back in three months! and i have to get your book and... other books back to you.)