Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn Blues.

Thank God today is the primary. Thank God. The politicians will cool it for a bit. I gotta tell you, I hate the fall now. Autumn used to be my absoultely favorite month... filled with my favorite colors (deep orange, burgandy, brown, black, cream... all colors I love. And green. Can't forget fall green). And now autumn (every other year at least) makes me cringe because of demanding politicians who think they own my place of business. Politicians who call me late late late at night when I have either dinner plans, or my other job to get to, because they want to change their ad and run :30s instead of :60s, which PS is a bitch of a change. Politicians who aren't prepared to record their commercial, have never timed it, and are either 10 seconds to short or 15 seconds too long... and trying to explain to them that :30 means :30 and not :42 doesn't exactly work. But at least with today being the primary, things will slow down for maybe a week. And then we'll get the bloodbath again.

I'm trying to still be excited about autumn... and decorating. I'm redoing the garden outside of my house... because now it's just a weedy-weedy mess. I have to dig everything up basically and start from scratch. I went out last weekend (you know, during Hanna) and got some new window well covers. The homeowner before me had no desire to make the front of the house pretty... and she put black metal grates over the basement windows to keep out water. I also went to Michaels yesterday to get yarn and smaller knitting needles, and saw lots and lots of fun pretty fall decorations... which I think I'm going to make my house pretty for the fall. Possibly Halloween, I'm not sure. I have all kinds of things in my head. I don't know if I'm going to get any plants (i.e. mums) for fall... I'll probably plant stuff now for the spring. I'm definitely ordering tulips from www.tulipsagainsttumors.com which supports brain tumor awareness, research, and families affected by brain tumors. And I'll probably buy some other tulip bulbs elsewhere also. Anything else to plant I have no idea, so I'll probably go into Old Country Gardens (local nursery) and see what they say. Maybe I'll post pictures.

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