Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Absurd Theatre Trend

Just because Hairspray made a decent musical from a movie doesn't mean every other cult anything should follow suit. I don't understand this theatre trend whatsoever. I don't think Legally Blonde makes a good musical... I think it has terrible music that is really contrived and it attempts to be funny and tongue and cheek and fails miserably. And I love Laura Bell Bundy.

I don't understand why Crybaby happened... or why Grease was made into a stage musical. It was a bad movie. And now Dolly Parton is writing the music for the 9 to 5 musical!?? Seriously!?? Why? 9 to 5 is a shitty movie! And an even worse poker hand. Some people should just not try to be "artistic" and try their hand and stage writing, stage acting, stage anything. Julia Roberts, I'm talking to you. You may at one time have been America's Sweetheart, but you don't have the chops to carry a serious play.

This is just an example of the latest trend in musical theatre. It isn't avant garde. It isn't new (really). It isn't good either. It's kind of like the trend for bands to have their music be the soundtrack of a musical. It worked for The Who's Tommy... and it kind of works for Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia! is at least a lot of fun. It's purely fluff, but it's a good time. Billy Joel on the other hand? I love Billy Joel... I think he's an incredibly talented pianist and a wonderful showman. He needs to stay away from the theatre. "Movin' Out" aka the Billy Joel Musical Revue... is terrible. Anthony, who works at that grocery store, should never ever be an actual character. It's bad enough we have stunt casting (Ashlee Simpson as Roxie in Chicago, anyone?) but now we have to have stunt composing as well? This is why Broadway sales are down, people. Because the quality of the theatre and the quality of the play itself sucks.

Also... no one wants to see Kate Holmesbot phone in Arthur Miller. That stunt casting? Epic. Fail.

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