Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chocolatey bacon goodness

I am a muchnie junkie. Big time. I love to snack all day long on whatever unhealthy snack is in front of me. Occasionally it is healthy (like unsalted tree nuts...which are in my desk right now) but oftentimes it's things like Doritos and Snickers bars. I've never ever been a healthy eater, and it's probably going to catch up with me one day. I've tried to eat healthy, and it just doesn't happen. It doesn't help that I hate milk and am allergic to fruit. Seriously. I eat fruit, and I die. It isn't a fun time.

Lately I've been branching out and eating new things. I am currently on a bacon kick. I love love bacon. At the wedding over the weekend, I had bacon wrapped scallops because there was bacon. I don't like seafood. But I like this, because it had bacon. Yum. I have also tried choclate bacon candy bars and they are DELICIOUS. it sounds really weird...bacon and chocolate...but I promise you it's wonderful. This company has an array of "exotic chocolate" that I am dying to try. My friend Sara introduced me to this wonderful world of bacon chocolate not too long ago, and the two of us and our friend Heather are IN LOVE.

Sara and I are also trying to gather a group of local knitters and have a little stitch-n-bitch going, but without much luck. Our last one (which was a generic crafting party) had fondue. Cheese fondue. I am proposing that we have a chocolate fondue and have the normal things (like fruit, marshmellows, pretzels, graham crackers) and BACON. It will be delicious. I'm a big fan of the sweet and savory combination in food. In addition to bacon chocolate, I also like to dip french fries and pretzels (soft or hard) in chocolate ice cream (or smoothies from Wendy's). I also dip my Fritos in cream cheese. Peanut butter is a great condiment for Poptarts as well. Any other weird food combinations I should try?

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