Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look at me...I'm fashion forward!

I have a wedding to go to this weekend. Now me, being the twentysomething that I am, tend to go for flirty fun dresses that I wear, um, once and never can wear again. Never do I buy that dress that's classic and can totally wear all the time. I have to admit, I do not own a LBD. I should. It's probably some fashion sin to not have one. I always go to my staple stores: Boscovs, Kohls, NY & Company... and I'm always disappointed. It's either a bit to mature looking in the big girl section, or way too teenager-y in the junior section. I'm in that weird place where I still want to wear my screen tees and jeans.

I used to work for The Limited way back when in college (and by way back... I totally mean four years. It seems forever ago that I lived in the hispanic ghetto of Allentown with my David Elizabeth). At the time, I loved the clothes there.. and thought that they were really hip and whatever. Looking back on what I have left over from that store... what hasn't fallen apart I never wear anymore. And they were 'spensive!! I walked past that store in the mall yesterday, and couldn't believe the junk they had in the window in both Limited and Express. I just don't like those clothes anymore. The mall I went to I'm not crazy about, because the only stores that are age appropriate for me I feel are Macy's, which is out of the budget, Ann Taylor, which is out of the budget, Express, and Limited, which we already discussed is ugly.

I go into Ann Taylor and go straight to the sales rack, fully expecting to find potato sacks (since that was the trend...I don't know why. Shapeless dressed just make me look pregnant and not at all attractive). The sales associate was wonderful and picked out three dresses for me, one I hated, one I LOVED, and one I liked. The one I LOVED was $79.99 which was more than what I wanted to spend. But I tried it on, and it was the dress. It fit (almost) perfectly... I looked super cute. Like Jackie O. If I styled my hair right and had big glasses, I'd totally be Jackie O. The dress is very tailored and hits right below my knee (perfect length for me). It's royal blue with an oversized black belt that goes from the hip to the natural waist, and it's absolutely lovely. It was a little big in the back and chest area... but I'm having the shoulder seam taken up about half an inch and it's going to be wonderful. I would have just done the tailoring myself, but A. I didn't feel like busting out the sewing machine and finding color appropriate thread and B. Gene's mom does that stuff. So. It's all good. Best part of it... I decided that even though the dress was $79.99 and about twice over my budget, I'd do it because I would totally wear this dress forever instead of just once, because it's such a classic cut. And when we got to the cash wrap (can ya tell I've worked retail forever) it was $59.99! Bonus!

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