Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why do I do these things to myself?

I love my family. I really do.

My cousin Patty is getting married in a few months (about 5? I think.) and she's having a baby in about 4 months. She was planning the wedding for about 8 months when she discovered surprise! She's having a little boy. Up until then, I was a bridesmaid. Then when she discovered the pregnancy, she was unsure what she wanted to do. The due date was before the month of the wedding, but she wasn't sure that we wanted to be pregnant, planning a wedding, and then taking care of an infant, and doing the wedding. So she decided to elope or have a very very small ceremony with just immediate family.

Then my aunt announced to everyone two weeks ago at our uncle's surprise 50th that PATTY'S HAVING A BIG WEDDING AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!!! So now I'm a bridesmaid again.

When Patricia was first looking at dresses, she kept looking at $200-$400 dresses for the bridesmaids. The ones with the BIG POOFY SKIRTS that perfectly matched the style of her wedding dress (love her... but ew). Don't get me wrong, they were really really gorgeous, but all of us, including her, in the exact same style dress? Nuh-uh.

Now her new thing is... just buy a black dress. I don't care what it looks like.. the idea kind of came from Breakfast at Tiffany's, so that style is preferred but not required. So now my aunt is sending me all of these sales on dresses (still above about $175, which is about $100 more than I'd like to spend at the moment. Still recovering from the 4 weddings I just attended).

So what do I decide to do? And tell my aunt I'm going to do? Make my own.

If she asks me to make all of them... I may cry.


becklette said...

why would she ask you to make them? ann taylor & j. crew saved my wedding, no kidding. and sales are now.

Bayjb said...

Oh the joy of weddings. If you just need a black dress, you can get a very affordable one at Macy's or JCrew or even Ann Taylor. If you get it right on the sales you will be able to get something nice for cheap.