Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally getting a little help...

Gene doesn't cook. At all. If I let him cook his own food, he'd live on Wendy's and toast (and I know this.. because before I moved in, he did). And he even screws up toast. It isn't toast. It's slightly warmed bread. If there's anything golden on the toast at all, he thinks it's burnt.

Lately, however, Gene has discovered a new toy... the Crock Pot. The one that we've had for almost 3 years that we've never used ever. Until last week when Gene decided that he was going to make ribs for dinner. They were actually pretty good. We didn't eat until almost 8:00 because Gene didn't put the meat in until 2, but whatevs. He actually made dinner.

So now, this is his new thing... the crock pot. He tries to find new and interesting things to make in the crock pot, and he wants me to find all these recipes so that he can assemble them. And so long as it's just brown meat, put sauce in crock pot, put meat in crock pot, turn crock pot on... he's fine. But what we're having tonight (pork chops in crock pot) I needed to do some things first... like cook bacon, cook pork in bacon, and make broth. That is too complicated for the Gene. The Gene needs something much, much simpler. So I was up super late making the dinner that Gene is supposed to make today.

Wednesday we're going to do a beef stew. I'm very excited. I guess I should be excited that Gene really is trying to help me (finally) at home... but I know that the one time things don't taste awesome, that's going to be the end of Gene cooking. I just know it. I was really praying that the ribs were going to be fantastic... because if they weren't then he was going to be very upset.

I also got an award from moonjavasmuse!

"The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award."

So here are my ten things:

1. My favorite vegetable in the universe is asparagus. I think it's delicious.
2. I have very little tolerance for wine... two glasses knocks me on my ass... but I can drink vodka all night long and be fine.
3. I harbor a secret passion for tween tv. Namely 90210. And One Tree Hill, but I probably won't watch it without Lucas or Peyton.
4. I would leave Gene in a heartbeat if Greg Dobbs asked me to.
Or John Barrowman.
5. I have a really big problem starting projects... and starting projects... and starting projects... before I finish one.
6. We bought a new entertainment center a few months ago. It's sitting in my garage, unstained and not put together. I've been blaming rain... but that can only go so far.
7. I hate my kitchen. It's the ugliest room in my house and I want to rip it apart.
8. I crush on cartoon and comic characters. Like Gambit from the X-Men. And Trent from Daria (la la la la la).
9. If I could live anywhere in the world... I'd move to Olde City in Philadelphia. It's really beautiful there.
10. I have a hard time making friends sometimes. Because I'm shy. Even though I'm a big ol' loudmouth who has no problem telling people what she thinks... when it comes to new people, I'm terrified.

And I always feel like I seem to tag the same 10 people... so I give this award to whomever wishes to have it! Just let me know if I gave it to you so that I can read your 10 things :)


Joanie M said...

Congrats on Gene helping out!

The chemo cap is great!!! Thank you! I'll give it to John today, but I'll wash it on Wednesday when I do laundry. It's ok, though.... he still has hair for another week or so.

Ali said...

I've wanted to get a crock pot for a while. When I get my own place (which better be sooner rather than later!), I'm all over it. Glad you guys finally found a compromise with cooking, haha.

Sara said...

Barrowman looks very angry there! Poor angsty Captain Jack. I need to start sending you random Barrowman how he likes to moon people and everyone he works with has seen...let's just say everything. Gooood times.

Gene cooking is kind of the best thing ever. Seriously. If the dinner, someday, does not turn out great, you need to hold up all the delicious dinners next to that and tell him he can only quit when the majority of his meals are nasty. All of us (who can actually cook and have been doing so for years) make something gross every once in a while.

PS I found you! Finally!