Monday, June 14, 2010

The Reverse Surprise

I was really nervous about the surprise party. Gzilla kind of knew about it (knew when it was, not where it was or who was coming) but I was still very nervous. My sister came up the night before to help me (AND ALSO TO TELL ME THAT I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!) but instead of setting up the hall the night before like i had planned, we instead stayed up late, ate junk, and watched Enchanted. Like you do.

The party seemed to be a big hit! Everyone ate a lot of the food, I picked good beer, and my friend Alli made what is quite possibly the BEST cake ever. It has dogs playing poker on it!!! She's amazing.

Shortly after we cut the cake, my mom, Daddy Dearest, and nuWife show up. Little weird seeing the three of them together, but my mom said that they decided to crash the party (didn't set off any alarms that my parents don't KNOW where the town we were in was... nor did I give them the address or anything) Then Gzilla starts giving a birthday toast, and people start shoving me to the front of the room. Someone hands me a glass of wine. My sister demands my camera and then points to a chair and tells me to sit in it.

And then Gzilla says that today is the day that we're going to get engaged and I start crying. A lot. He got down on one knee, gave me a ring, and everyone was cheering. He cried, too. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

My poker friends got us champagne flutes (Kate Spade! And they say "Mr" on one and "Mrs" on the other! So cute!!!) and a bottle of my favorite champagne (Veuve Cliquot in case you're wondering)

Things that should have tipped me off:
1. His friend gave him a bottle of champagne for his birthday.
2. Everytime I went into the kitchen, 2 of my poker friends came with me (to prevent me from seeing the champagne in the fridge)
3. My parents
4. My sister getting my camera and demanding to sit

But, no. I'm dumb. I had absolutely no idea. Apparently he got the ring while I was in Ireland. Went to the jewelry store (a real one... NOT one in a mall) and picked out the diamond himself. I'm a little really excited, not gonna lie. And no, I haven't even THOUGHT of a date yet.


clare said...

congratulations! so happy for you. looking forward to a year or so of obsessing via teh interwebs.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Your ring is BEAUTIFUL! And I love that Gzilla did such a good job of making it a surprise! :) It was worth the wait, don't you think? And congrats on being an auntie, too! What a great day!

Al said...

OH MAH GAAAHHHHH!!! CONGRATS! That is so exciting. It's excitement overload, successful party, becoming an auntie, getting ENGAGED. Woah. That's just great :)

Joanie M said...

Ahem... Mother of the Bride here.

It was, without a doubt, the best surprise EVER!!! I figure that me standing with Daddy Dearest and Maleficent would be way too surreal for you, (hey! at least you don't have to worry about me making a scene at the wedding!!) and fortunately, before you had a chance to think, G'zilla got starting on the speech. I LOVED IT!!!

By the way, G'zilla's mom grabbed me, gave me a big hug and said, "We're almost related now!!" I love her.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

OH MY GOSH! Congratulations!!! That's such great news and a wonderful surprise. Your ring is gorgeous

Adriana said...

Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!! As someone who also waited a very long time to get engaged, I'm so happy for you.