Friday, June 18, 2010

Make it grow...

I'm sure I've complained about the horrible haircut I had 2 years ago when the "curly hair specialist" at some froofy salon RUINED my hair by doing a razor cut. Word of advice: Unless you have POKER STRAIGHT fine hair... don't ever let anyone razor cut your hair. Especially if you have a lot of curly hair. It grows in frizzy and horribly layered and takes a bajillion years to grow out.

It's been almost exactly 2 years since that haircut, and my hair is STILL not right. I've had a number of cuts since then (including one where I had a reverse bob.. short in the back, longer in the front... with long hair underneath that. Try to picture that shape. Horrible.) and I'm still not happy with my hair.

Recently, I started seeing my friend Nikki who is awesome. I love the way she cuts my hair... I love the color she uses (Goldwell. It's glossier than Redken I think) and she finally gave me a normal shape that can grow in better. Except my hair isn't really growing. I'm way past my usual 8-10 week cut (I know it's supposed to be 6 weeks. I always go longer because I'm trying to grow it. This is a vast improvement from the 2 haircuts I would get a year). My roots are horrible (they're white. Srsly) but I don't want to get it colored and NOT get it cut, but I don't want to get it cut yet.

Nikki suggested that I start taking a multi-vitamin (which I should anyway since I can't eat fruit... I would get some of the vitamins that I would normally have) as well as Biotin which says that it "promotes healthy skin and hair." Granted I've only been doing this for a week, but I haven't really seen a difference. And the funny thing is, the bottom of my hair always grows just fine... it's the TOP of my hair that's the problem. That's where the shortest layers are, and they look horrible!

And now that I have this whole big party to ACTUALLY plan instead of play-pretend plan... I don't want funky ass hair for my wedding pictures!!! So please--give me all your wives tales. How am I supposed to get my hair to grow?


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

My recent cut was shorter than I wanted and I had a complete coniption. My friend told me prenatal vitamins. No joke. I thought she was crazy but two other women said so too

becklette said...

watch your protein intake-- go for 50+ grams a day. not kidding. also, a prenatal vitamin/folic acid.