Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm turning into a domestic goddess. Help.

I got really excited yesterday, because I bought a new steam mop. I know that there are a variety of steam mops out there now, and after much research and asking knitterly friends on ravelry, I decided on the Shark Steam Mop. There are 2 version, and I picked the larger of the two.

My kitchen floor is this really ugly peach linoleum type floor? And since I bought my house, there have been these two fairly large grey stains that have become one with the linoleum. No amount of floor cleaner could get these puppies out. So I tried my steam mop on the stains. I have a completely peach floor now. I've never in my 2 years living in this house ever seen my floor that clean before ever. AND this thing cleans hardwood, so when we finally get our floors redone (we have hardwood floors throughout our house because our house is 80+ years old) I can use my steam mop!!!

Seriously, help me. I'm getting excited about a MOP? That's one step above getting excited about a vaccuum cleaner. Last month I got excited about our new iron. I'm still a terrible house keeper. But now I'm a terrible house keeper but with really clean and sanitized kitchen and bathroom floors.


Joanie M said...

Bring it over to my house.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I have plenty of things you can mop with it. Seriously, help me.