Monday, June 21, 2010

It starts.

I'm going to try my damndest to keep this from becoming a wedding blog, but I do suspect that when things get going, that is going to be the main stressor in my life and since I can't yell at actual people, I'll yell about them through my blog. But I will try VERY HARD not to do it all the time.

As things are just getting started, I'm already dizzy from numbers. I've called I think 10 different venues (not to mention the ones Daddy Dearest keeps sending me... all in Pennsylvania). So far we've made a few decisions. I've picked a dress. I've picked bridesmaids dresses but not in that color--in purple. And any of those dresses they want. FMIL is making them all (she offered. And I picked simple, I hope, dresses). And we've decided that we want to get married on a Sunday in the summer of 2011, tentatively July 3.

We have what we call The Cadillac. The Cadillac is never going to happen. But it's nice to dream. The Cadillac would be at Citizens Bank Park (that's where the Phillies play) in the Diamond Room which is behind home plate. If we had The Cadillac, the girls would wear powder blue dresses with maroon sashes and the boys would wear maroon ties (those were Phillies colors from the early 80s, and Gzilla's favorite Phillies uniform). The Cadillac is going to be balls expensive, especially since everything is a la carte and there are no "per person" package deals. And we have 112 family members between the two of us. And our poker friends. And Gzilla's college friends that we're very close with. I have like 5 friends that aren't included in poker friends. So we're talking MINIMUM 180 people. I can easily go to 250. With my eyes closed.

I've already had one potential Bridezilla moment... I called a local country club who happens to be a client of my place of business. I did not play that card. I called, requested to speak with who deals with events, and asked her nicely to email me prices/packages, etc... and I got "Well. Our packages start at $105 per person." Okay. Yes, that's out of my price range, but that isn't what I asked you. I asked you to email me information. And if you want my business, MAYBE you shouldn't be a bitch to brides. Maybe. Just a thought. And then I got a request from work to write a commercial about how great this place is to hold your wedding reception. I got a good laugh out of that.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress choice. Beautiful. And how amazing that you're choosing my favorite color for your bridesmaids dresses. :)

I just have one question, though.....not to be rude, but in case you haven't thought of it.....will the fact that you want to get married on 4th of July weekend next year impact the guest list and who shows up? My husband is one of those people who refuses to go to weddings that are on holidays. It doesn't really matter to me or many other people I know, but oh boy, the Grouper gets angry.

RecoveringActor said...

I don't think it will impact the guest list terribly. In fact, if it prevents some of my snottier family from coming, all the better. And the family that I LIKE that lives across the country might be traveling home for the weekend anyway, so it might work out.

Joanie M said...

sigh. I love the dress. I think I might cry. Across the country? Your cousin, E?

Joanie M said...

I forgot to add, when that person got all snippy with you, I think you should have responded with, "That's all? $105? Well, I was looking for something more UPSCALE. Thank you anyway." And someday you should let her know they blew you off.

Daniel Jackson said...

Just remember after all of the planning and hard work that goes into the wedding, something always goes wrong. But when you are in the moment it won't matter. And usually you won't even realize something did go wrong until it's over. Make sure to cherish the day because it goes by so fast.

Love your dress!

~ Ada

(writer for my brother's blog:

CarmenSays said...

hey :] new follower here, congrats on your engagement! The dress you chose is a dream, great blog, hope to read more xx