Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Officially Gleeked Out

I don't know WHY I didn't watch Glee when it was first out. Seriously, this show was made so that I could be a huge obnoxious fan of it. I think I didn't watch it because I was pissed at FOX for cancelling Dollhouse, and DON'T THINK I'VE FORGOTTEN! I haven't!!! But I'll stil watch and love Glee.

Sue Sylvester may very well be my favorite person in the entire world. Every time she says something, I want to immediately put it on a tshirt and wear it around proudly with "Go Cheerios" across the back of it. And every time Brittany says something remarkably stupid (you know dolphins are just gay sharks) same thing. I also need a t-shirt that says "I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn... I need applause to LIVE!"

Remember way back when American Idol was cool in like 2003? And musical success was measured by if you had your own American Idol-themed episode? Well, times have changed. Now musical success is measure by whether or not New Directions (or their arch nemesis Vocal Adrenaline) covers your song in an episode. And musical-theatre success is measured by whether or not you appear as a guest star in an episode of Glee (as yourself or someone else, say a washed-up, alcoholic, former glee club superstar).

All of this bad press has been coming out recently about Lea Michelle about how she's a diva, hard to work with, kinda bitchy, etc. Who cares! She's fabulous! And I'm sorry, but have you MET anyone in theatre? This ridiculously talented girl started out on Broadway (in the biggest musical of two years ago: Spring Awakening). ANYONE who works in theatre has to be a bit of a diva. It's how you survive. That's one of the reasons I quit... I couldn't be cut throat. It's a cut throat business. Film is like that too, but it's all passive aggressive because you still need to come out on top. "Hard to work with" in theatre is code for "I hate her because she has so much talent." Seriously. And I do kind of hate Lea Michelle because her voice is so amazing. No one should have a voice that versatile.

Seriously though.. if anyone finds any t-shirts with Sue Sylvester or Brittany quotes (or especially the Tinkerbell one) PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I need them all.


Joanie M said...

Can't find anything for Brittany because she has no last name!!!!

Al said...

But I don't know how you're going to pick just one ;)

PS as a person who has friends who are "divas" I agree about the "hard to work with" thing completely, it's usually an easy way of hating on all the talent!

RecoveringActor said...

OMG Brittany quotes!!! I want the gay sharks and the cat is reading my diary ones!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

If there was a shirt that said dolphins are gay sharks, I would lose my shit and buy it right away. I'm obsessed with this show too. Sue is an amazing character because just when I think she's stone cold, she shows some warmth that endears her more to me.

Lea Michele is talented but this is JUST like the backlash the Friends cast had years ago. I ignore it as much as possible.