Monday, March 29, 2010

The numbers game.

My father is a strange fellow. I've seldom spoken of Daddy Dearest, and it's usually when he has done something asinine, which is more often than I'm sure he's willing to admit.

This weekend, I'm driving to my dad's (after hijacking a minivan) and dropping off the unfinished TV stand I bought last year. You remember.... I had those great plans of staining and putting it together all by myself!!! Not so much. So Daddy Dearest is going to do it. Let's hope he doesn't put it together backwards like he did to the bar that is in my house now...which I fixed.

It was supposed to be a lovely little weekend. Gzilla and I would get up early for his radio show, we would have lunch, then go to Daddy Dearest's house, have dinner, come home. But no. Daddy Dearest can't leave it at that. He bought four tickets to see The Lion King, which is a really cool show for the record.

The second the words "So my dad got us tickets to see the musical..." came out of my mouth, Gzilla was already saying "no way in hell you cannot pay me enough." So I had to LIE to my father and say that he was busy (Gzilla not liking Lion King is not answer enough). So instead I'm kidnapping my friend and we're going with my dad to the theatre.

This is not the first time Daddy Dearest has pulled something where he just buys things without stopping to think if A. it's practical or B. anyone is available. My first concert was to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. There are 5 members of my immediate family (parents, two siblings, me). My dad? Bought 6 tickets. Because he liked the number 6 better. So I got to bring a friend because my dad is sometimes an idiot.


Joanie M said...

You won't get an argument from me

EVA said...

Hehe I would love to see Lion King.
Interesting blog!