Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Lasting Impression

Warning: not for the weak of stomach.

Last night I met some of the friends who live in my computer. Some knitterly friends. Fiber friendly-if you will. We went to a very popular dipping-encouraged restaurant, just 3 of us, and it's something I've been excited about all week.

I made the reservation at 8... we all go in and sit down.. and we get all four courses at the place. The first course is always my favorite, because it's cheese. And I love cheese. Especially melty cheese. We're all getting along, laughing, and talking about the crazy things that have happened lately. We're taking goofy pictures.. everything is wonderful.

I didn't really want to get a salad, but I also didn't want to be the only one who didn't get one? So I get the caesar salad because I've had it before and it comes with toasted pine nuts which are AMAZING. Lettuce was kinda wilted and soggy. Tasted funny. Didn't think of it.

Dinner course. We split two entrees to cut on cost since this place is 'SPENSIVE. One of the girls is allergic to fish, so we cook the fish last, but we're all still laughing and having a great time. Then I start to feel funky. Kinda woozy. So I stopped eating. Sometimes that happens to me when I'm eating out and it's really rich food... my stomach just can't take a lot of it so I have to just calm done for a bit. Also I wanted to make sure that I could eat dessert, because it's always delicious.

The Dessert course (chocolate.. with Grand Marnier in it) is where things got bad. As soon as I ate my first banana (the ONLY fruit I am allowed to have without going into anaphylactic shock) I knew I was going to have problems. So I run to the bathroom, and get sick. A lot of sick. Kind of felt better, but just felt really weak. In fact, I still feel kinda weak, and my stomach still feels really sore. But I've only had the one incident, so I know it isn't food poisoning and I'm pretty sure it isn't the stomach flu that's been going around because I wouldn't be able to keep down water. The only thing I can think of is that damned salad. One of the other ladies got the caesar, but didn't use dressing because she's allergic to fish, and there are anchovies in caesar dressing. So I'm the ONLY one who ate the caesar dressing.

But what a way to make a first impression on people you've never met before, right? Just vomit during dinner. They'll love you forever. Sigh.


Joanie M said...

Hey, at least you didn't barf in front of everyone! You definitely get points for making it to the bathroom.

Hope you're feeling better today!

Anonymous said...
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