Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can stop anytime I want to

I think I might have a slight game addiciton. A coworker of mine teased me about buying a PS3 when I already have an X-Box 360 and a Wii. But! The PS3 dropped the price so new ones are only $299, and I won a $200 gift card courtesy of Clever Girl Goes Blog and Gzilla had a $100 gift card to the Evil Store of Evil. After stalking said evil store for two weeks (after taunting me with boxes in the back that were spoken for) we finally found one!!

So I bought Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3, despite already having it for the 360. Before you say "but Recovering Actor, that's really stupid." it's prettier on the PS3 and my work husband is buying my 360 version from me. So there. I just have to start over. I did, however, learn something very important. If you skip all the scenes and just do the battle part the second time through, it goes A LOT faster!!! I am already 5+ hours in, and only played for half that time. The beginning of the game is a LOT of cut scenes. I was 14+ hours in... so I still have a ways to go until I'm back to where I was before.

I've always been a fan of video games, though. I got my first Nintendo for my 6th birthday from my parents... and fell in love with Mario. In fact, I exclusively play Mario games on the Wii. Mario games and old skool Nintendo/Sega games. That's it. When I was 7, my dad put this game called Cosmo on the computer. It was a platform game with this little dinosaur guy? I beat the game in 2 days. Seven years old. I also beat Duke Nukem and Super Mario Brothers that same year.

But today??? I'm wearing both of my wrist braces. I don't have carpal tunnel, but it acts like carpal tunnel? I have a laxity in my joints. I have slutty joints. And when I overuse my wrists they act up (like when I handwrite a lot). Maybe I overdid it with the gaming? Or it could be the socks I'm knitting. Either way...ow.


Bayjb said...

Oh my god slutty wrists? That is hilarious! I do get "knitting hands" and that is awfully painful. I love that you're a gaming addict. That is awesome

Joanie M said...

Slutty wrists, popping hips... you're a mess!!

The gift card that G'zilla had... was that the one I gave him for Christmas?