Thursday, March 4, 2010

What do you mean I have to "build a kit?"

This amazing opportunity just fell into my lap. I'm one step closer to makeup artistry stardom! Okay, not really. BUT! I have this meeting? tomorrow with photographers, models, and other industry people for a "shoot out." It's all a win-win situation. Photographers get new models, stylists, and makeup artists. Models and stylists and makeup artists get pictures to build their portfolio. Contacts are made.


1. I don't have business cards. Not even for the radio station.

2. I don't have a "kit." Not really. I have a crap-ton of makeup, don't get me wrong. But I don't have a kit. I have more eyeshadow than God. I have like four mascaras, a ton of eye liner. Lots of stuff! But. I don't have any foundation (kind of important for photography, don't you think?) or concealer for shades that aren't exactly my shade.


OMG. So I need to magically come up with uber amounts of foundation and concealer and stuff.... I don't know what to do. I am really worried that I'll look like a stooge. I think eventually I'm going to order foundation palettes from Cinema Secrets but they won't be here by tomorrow, so I'm not worrying about it at the moment. I've heard great things about Cinema Secrets on the professional level.

I'm going out tomorrow before the event to get the following:
* mascara
* mascara wands (NO IDEA WHERE TO GET THIS.)
* mass amounts of foundation? No idea.
* matte bronzer (I have 4 bronzers. Are any of them matte? Nope.)
* something makeup related that doesn't begin with the letter m
* lipstick palette? Does anyone even have any right now not in holiday season?

AH!! I'm so nervous. Maybe I should bring whiskey...


Bayjb said...

Crap I think I closed my comment before I hit submit. DOH! Keep us posted how it goes and good luck!

becklette said...

if you're bringing whiskey, can i come??