Monday, March 8, 2010

I didn't suck!

After a bit of a driving snafu (big accident on the main highway.... right at the exit ramp I needed) and getting there 30 minutes late (but traffic!) everything went fairly smoothly. There were only 2 other makeup artists there, and a LOT of models and a LOT of photographers, so I was going to be so busy, right?

Not so much. One makeup artist in the back (who was set up where the models were changing) was being a little bitch. I was told to set up in there, and he told me to leave. When I asked if he needed any help with the giant line he had in there, he said No, he can handle it. Fine. So I sat out with the photographers and made friends. When my friend who was running the event asked me why I wasn't in the other room, he pulled people out of there for me to work on (take that! ha!) And then he came out to check out the competition I guess? But he was acting like a total diva. I didn't like him. I was going to introduce myself, but decided it wasn't worth it.

The one girl that I did the most work on looked great. She kept saying "I don't wear a lot of makeup, I don't want a lot" but I had to keep explaining to her that if I don't put makeup on her, she's going to look washed out in the pictures. The photographer loved what I did, so that's really my concern. Yes, I want the model to be comfortable, but I want the pictures to turn out nicely. I haven't received any of the shots (and even if I did, I don't know if I'm legally allowed to post them anyway). But I've made like 4 contacts! I've already started talking to one photographer about a future shoot... one asked me if I do weddings (yes, please--that's what I want to do! I am more than great with brides. especially ones who are freaking out. I'm so good at putting out fires and distraction. I'd make one HELL of a wedding planner).

Note to self: get business cards (whoops.) and set up an online portfolio to send to said new contacts.


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that sounds awesome! :)

(i was intrigued by your username, and then by your blog name. how have i never heard monoblog before? superawesome.)