Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm surrounded.

I know that I'm at "that age" where everyone I know is getting married and having babies, but seriously. Stop. Last year, I had 8 weddings to go to, and half of those weddings either Gene or myself was in. This year? 6 babies. My cousin had a baby in September, one of my friends had a baby in February, my other friend is having a baby at the end of this month, my coworker is having a baby in April, and Gene's cousin is having a baby in... I forget. But her shower is this month, so I think maybe soon? I'm missing a baby. Oh, Gene's other cousin JUST had a baby. TOO MANY BABIES. I don't have enough time to make things for all these babies!!!

The September baby (who is super cute had needs a haircut at 6 months because he was born with a full head of hair and never lost ANY of it) was the receipient of my first baby sweater.

February baby (and I don't have pictures... I don't think.) got my last baby blanket. I'm done with baby blankets. They take TOO LONG. But a friend and I did this one together... it's a patchwork blanket that we made in bold colors (red, gold, brown, kelly green, blue, and purple). March baby is getting the sweater I worked on for Ravelympics (knitting challenge during the Olympics... begin and finish a project in that time)

And it has alphabet soup buttons!

I'm about half-way through another secret project for my coworker (don't know if she reads this, so... that's all I'm saying about that).

I can't keep up with these babies. I actually decided I'm not making anything for Gene's cousin, because I didn't make anything for any of his other cousins and since they're on the same side of the family, I don't want someone to feel hurt. I have so many other things I want to do! I want to make a sweater before I leave for Ireland. I still haven't finished Gene's Christmas sweater. I want do make a shawl, I'm taking a class on socks, and I have three sweaters-worth of yarn that is waiting to be made into something.

Last year I made a resolution to challenge myself in knitting. Do new things. And I did! I did a lot of firsts. My first sock (not pair of socks... sock.), my first cable project, my first sweater, my first non-blanket baby item, my first mittens. This year, I'm making a resolution (I know. It's March. whatever) to FINISH projects I start. I get so excited about other new projects that I get distracted. But if people I know would just stop having babies, then I would get a lot more done!

Also, unrelated. Gene wants me to change his name on my blog. Not that he has a problem with me using his name, but because he's jealous that Fidgeting Gidget has a nickname for her husband, The Grouper. So he wants me to call him Godzilla. Thoughts?


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I vote Genezilla.

Yay for you challenging yourself in knitting....I need to get better at that, as you know. And I LOVE the baby sweater!

Bayjb said...

I agree, genezilla is best. Perfect balance.

Tia said...

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