Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn, how I love thee

My favorite season is here. I know it was here at the end of September, but I never *feel* like fall until October. I get to pull out boots... and dark denim... and lovely sweaters... and scarves.

My favorite part about fall? The smell. I love the smell of autumn. And October has the best smell. At least in my part of the east coast. There's nothing like the smell of pumpkin, burning leaves, bread, and apples. That's what October smells like to me. My other favorite smell? The air right before it's about to snow. It mimics October just a little bit. And I love it.

Of course my allergies hate me. I even took my allergy medicine when I was supposed to (before bed) and STILL woke up congested and sneezy. Oh well. I'll take a bit of the sniffles in exchange for my favorite month and my favorite time of year.

Today is my favorite day in a long while. Generally, I hate Fridays, because on Fridays I have a crap ton of stuff to do at work. But there's not a lot that can bring me down today. I have my chunky amber ring on... my dark AT jeans... a super cute sweater... and a teal, purple, and orange necklace that ties everything together. I'm meeting my best friend in Philadelphia tonight, and we're having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, then we're going to a yarn store around the corner to meet Jared Flood! and then we're going to see Billy Crystal do a one man show. It could not get better. It really couldn't!

I haven't decided if I'm getting real dinner, or if I'm getting banana french toast. It's my favorite dish that this restaurant has, and it's so damn good.


Joanie M said...

Meeting Natalie? I know Col's back in Ireland. If so, give her a hug for me! I haven't seen her in ages!

Bayjb said...

I love the smell of fall. So cool and crisp. I love the feeling of huddling up in my jacket a little more to stay warm and everything. But my allergies are freaking out.