Friday, October 9, 2009

And it starts.

I decided to wear the dress that I was wearing to the rehearsal tonight to work. Usually, I wear jeans and a t-shirt or something similar to work. And sneakers. Not royal blue, classic cut, awesome Ann Taylor dress. And black stockings. And patent black shoes. And a French manicure. Generally, this is not work attire for me.

So far, these are the comments I've received:

You got all dressed up for flu shots today? (oh yeah, we're getting flu shots today. This is the one I've received most often)

What, are you switching to sales now? Going on sales calls?

You didn't have to get all fancy just for me!

And my personal favorite...

Why the hell are you wearing a dress?

Mind you... I have ZERO makeup on. I do however have all of my makeup with me (and that's not even really an exaggeration. I have I think 80% of my makeup in this giant tote bag... and the tote bag is at least 10 lbs. I do have SOME hair products in there, but not a lot).

And already this morning? My friend drove me to work... I got to work, and looked in my makeup tote bag, and lo and behold my makeup brushes are SO NOT IN THERE... they are, in fact, at home. So I ran outside in my heels and ran after my friend's car to see if they fell out of my makeup tote, and they didn't. So we had to drive all the way back to my house so that I could get my makeup brushes. Otherwise, I'm in big all trouble. I ended up being almost an hour late to work because of it, but I would have been in WAY bigger trouble tomorrow if I had zero makeup brushes. So thank GOODNESS I looked in that bag before tomorrow morning. That would have been really bad. Because I would have been more than an hour away from home, not 20 minutes.

In the closet at work is my bridesmaids dress, my makeup tote, and my extra clothes for tonight and clothes to wear to the salon tomorrow morning. Even though I was a Junior Bridesmaid for my aunt and uncle like 14 years ago, this is my first big time bridesmaid ordeal. And I'm already prepping to have to troubleshoot something. I'm really good at troubleshooting. I'm good at diffusing possible explosive situations quietly without other guests knowing... I'm good at fixing people's dresses when they break (though I don't have my usual wedding kit with me. Needle & thread, clear nailpolish, hairspray, bobby pins, and safety pins. I was too worried about makeup and stuff). And I'm also good at calming down brides. I had to do that for my one and only freelance makeup job. For a complete stranger. Bride was FREAKING out and I managed to calm her down, hide her tattoo from her family, AND keep her mom on track. I seriously almost felt like a bridesmaid that day with all my troubleshooting.

Tomorrow I have to deal with infant duty (the bride has a one month old. He's the cutest freaking baby ever and has the most hair I've ever seen on a baby. It looks like a toupe), make sure the groom's sister doesn't make the bride cry, and make sure that everyone's makeup looks good. Especially since our photographer is our cousin's boyfriend... and I don't think he's done a wedding before... and I want to make sure that our makeup will show up in the pictures. Hopefully.. once things get started, I'll be able to drink my cosmos and have a good time.

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Joanie M said...

Wow! After all that, you're going to NEED those Cosmos!

Hey! I just realized something! **I** have a designated driver tomorrow!!! SCORE one for Joanie!
Woo hoo!!