Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phightin' all the way!!!

Haven't I been really good about not spouting my love for the Phillies from the rooftops this baseball season?

I will not longer be good about that. At least... not right now. BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES AGAIN! WAHOO!!!!

They didn't think we could beat the Dodgers... this year or last year... and we put LA in their place. They didn't think we could beat the Rays last year... and they don't think we can beat the Yankees this year. (Ok... YES the Angels COULD win three straight games. The last time that happened? 2004... Yankees vs. Red Sox. It's possible. It's even possible against those Damn Yankees. But it's unlikely)

The Yankees (and even the Angels) are beatable. They are beatable teams. They are not untouchable. YES the Yankees currently have the best record in Major League Baseball. You know what they don't have? Heart and perseverence. That's the core of the Philadelphia Phillies. That and Charlie forces them to go ONE GAME AT A TIME. Don't look ahead... don't think of what this win or this loss means... one game at a time. Tomorrow is another game... just get to that game. And it works... because look at where they are.

3peat winners in our division... two consecutive wins in the NLDS and NLCS... and we're the underdog yet again in the World Series. I like those chances. We were the "underdog" last year, too.

We're having a pep rally next Friday... day before the World Series returns to Philadelphia for the second year in a row... and I couldn't be more excited. Let's just hope that we have at least one.. if not two.. wins under our belt by then!

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Al said...

I hope the Phillies beat the Yankees!! This Red Sox fan really wants to see the look utter defeat on Jeter's face ;)