Monday, October 26, 2009

Who has their party panties on?!?

The party started at 4pm... as expected. And went until 3 am... as expected (or rather, 3am is when I got home.) Dinner beforehand was okay. I had a poor excuse for a cheesesteak, but delicious spinach and artichoke dip with old bay seasoned pita chips. Then we hung out at the bride's house before it was time to go to Philly.

Of course, we had obnoxious bachelorette paraphranalia: pink mini tiaras... a tiara with a veil on it... NAME TAGS... and that was it. We had some interesting names. Brinks, Party Panties (bride), Tinkerbell, Wendy Moira Angela Darling (me), Tits McGee (Maid of Honor), Kitten, Rizzo, and I forget the last one. I guess only Party Panties and Tits McGee were inappropriate. "Party panties" was a phrase that was used often throughout the day. At one of our other friend's wedding a few years ago, some older woman made a comment about our friend's lack of underwear... so she told the old broad that she was wearing her "party panties." I wasn't there, but it's pretty damn funny.

I have a question though. And it's a serious one. I know that Philadelphia as well as some other big cities with fancier clubs (that charge $8 for a jack and ginger? That's the price of a martini at home!) have dress codes. As in, don't wear sneakers.. don't wear a t-shirt. Is it normal to have 50% of the men in said bar in a suit? I mean SUIT. Suit pants, suit jacket, dress shirt, and a tie. Suit. Because at one point, a dozen Barney Stinson's walked in. Together. I'm pretty sure as they got ready, one of them said, "Suit up!" One told me friend that if they had a dance off, he would win. So I started tap dancing. He went away.

For serious. Time steps. In a bar. To club music. Clearly... I'm awesome.

I was really expecting the night to be a lot crazier than it was. And I didn't have a whole lot to drink. A bit at the bride's house, a shot, and one jack & ginger (SINCE IT WAS $8!!!) that was mostly jack.. but that was it. But I really thought that people would try to mess with us and get all in our faces... and we did have some of that. We had the Barney Stinsons and the hot dog. Yup. Someone dressed IN A HOT DOT COSTUME. It's still a week until Halloween, sir. Put the hotdog costume away.


FRANNIE said...

Tap dancers will rule the world someday :)!

Joanie M said...

I knew all those years of dance class would pay off.

Bayjb said...

Usually for clubs with dress codes, full suits might be a little surprising, but half suit or nice casual suit is more likely. So odd. Glad you guys had fun and yes, I like the nametags idea!