Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seriously.... I should be a paid wedding crisis averter consultant. Or something.

The wedding was not without conflict. But! I did not have to diffuse any fights... nor did I have to kick any of my fellow bridesmaids in the teeth. So. I say success.

The conflicts happened prior to the wedding. I get a phonecall from the bride two days before the wedding... "I need you to stay with me tomorrow night." Okay. I was supposed to stay with our other cousin, but the bride wanted us to stay with her, so we did. With the baby. Hence, why she wanted us to stay. So I got to entertain a one month old all evening.

The bride and I stayed up and tried to get that little bugger to fall asleep. He finally did around 12:45. But then he stayed asleep until almost 6:00! It was glorious. Five whole hours of sleep.

The day before the wedding, my cousin who was a bridesmaid with me picked me up from work.. and she was NOT a happy person. Because her bridesmaids dress RIPPED!!! THAT MORNING!!! She was seriously freaking out. A friend of hers had added this lace part to a strapless bodice because she didn't want it to be strapless, but didn't like the other separate tops that David's Bridal had. And her friend did a good job, and if she didn't have basically 5 days to design and sew it, it probably would have been fine... but stupid David's Bridal took SIX MONTHS to send it to my cousin, and she got it about a week before the wedding. So she wasn't happy with the neckline. In addition to it being ripped. So what do I do when we get back from having our hair done at the salon? I bust out my aunt's sewing machine... and fix that bitch. The problem was that lace has zero give... and the top fit my cousin beautifully, but it just had no stretch, so that's why it ripped. But I saved the day.

And you couldn't really tell that I fixed it the day of the wedding.

After that, everything was pretty much smooth sailing. None of the groomsmen were in the right place during the ceremony (which is not really much of a surprise) and the priest completely skipped an entire reading... but all in all, it was a very nice day. My dress was awesome.

Everyone asked me where the one I made was...


Bayjb said...

You look great! Glad to hear the wedding was over, bumps seem to be inevitable :)

Joanie M said...

You looked stunning, as I knew you would! So glad no one on the altar had a black eye or fat lip, but I'd have been so proud if you had kicked some ass!