Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For shame...

I have a confession. I'm not finishing the dress for my cousin's wedding. I copped out. I bought a dress.

But Ann Taylor is having the "best sale ever" and it REALLY GOOD!! 40% off of everything marked down? UM, YES.

For my dress, I still need to handsew the lining into the bodice, put in the zipper, and hem. And make a belt. And wash/press. And snip all of my threads. And take out my stay stitching in the skirt because you can see it. That's a good 6-8 hours of sewing still ahead of me. And I'm working at ULTA tonight... and Saturday ALL day, and Sunday ALL day. And I need Gene's mom's help on the zipper because I hate them and usually pay someone to do it for me... and she's away tomorrow until Sunday. AND the neckline is funny and we need to fix it. Which leaves THE WEEK LEADING UP TO THE WEDDING to work on it.

So, no.

This is the dress that Ann Taylor blessed me with:

HOW PRETTY IS THAT? So pretty. So, if I have two little black dresses... then I have two little black dresses. Late last night, I got the email from Ann Taylor that they're having the "best sale ever" so I looked... JUST TO SEE what black dresses they had. And this one was $59. Not bad at all. So I was considering it. I tried calling my cousin, but she didn't answer. I added it to my cart. And my cart said $35.88.


So I called Gene's mom to ask her advice and she said "oh you need to buy that dress." So I did. I had to put 3 day shipping on it so it would get here in time, but with expedited shipping... it was still less than the price I thought I was going to pay for it.

This dress better look good...


Al said...

1. I have been stalker-esquely following the story of the dress - don't feel bad for buying on, especially one that beautiful and 35 bucks! Amazing!
2. Thanks for the AT sale tip. *runs out of office to nearest Ann Taylor*

Joanie M said...

Great deal! Almost as good as the $135 dress you bought at Ross for $5. I can't wait to see it!

Bayjb said...

That dress is stunning. It's going to look amazing on you and I can't wait to hear all about it. Gorgeous.