Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby sister is all growed up...

My little sister is in college. My sister who is still about 11 in my head, because that's how old she was when I left for college, is living in a dorm room with college friends and having college experiences.

When did that happen?

And also... when did the TV dorms (you know that when Rory Gilmore went to college, your first thought was: dorm rooms SO do not look like that) become actuality? At my college, we had what we called suitemates. As in, I had my roommate... and across the bathroom was my suitemate. There was only one dorm that had a community bathroom... all of the other bathrooms in every dorm were shared between two rooms. My sister oh so gracefully informed me that what I lived in was NOT a suite. Her room, however, is. She has a roommate.. and two suitemates. You go into one room, and you're in a common area which also has the bathroom. Off of the common room are the two bedrooms. Not dissimilar to the dorms in Saved By The Bell: The College Years. In fact, that's exactly what it looks like in my head. It probably doesn't look quite like that, but the set up is the same.

Baby sis is a theatre major (like me... despite spending her entire adolescent life trying NOT to be like me) and she has her very first call back!! Tonight. She calls me two days ago at like 11 at night and says "I have an audition tomorrow morning, and I need a monologue and a song." Well.. you should probably do one you already know.. "I know, but I don't know where they are, so you need to email them to me." I really do love my sister, but this child is so disorganized. It cracks me up.

I made the decision that I'm going to give her all of my plays and books about acting. Because really? I'm not going to use them anymore. I don't have any time in my life for theatre, unfortunately, and when I do have the time for theatre... all of the monologues that I have in my "back pocket" at the moment with the age range 15-19 will be too young. Someone might as well get good use out of my stuff.

But for my sister's good luck... I asked all of the theatre "gods" I know... Bacchus, Dionysus, the Bard, Thespis, Carol Channing... to smile upon her and have her first callback go well. It's for a dead girl. Who says obscene things, and is kind of a slut. She's typecast a lot. :)


Joanie M said...

Actually, Dani's suite has a living room and a kitchen in the center of the suite. Two bedrooms are off each side and each bedroom has it's own bathroom. And I don't think she likes her roommate much. Kinda like your first semester revisted.

Bayjb said...

Awww so bittersweet when the sibs go to college. Um yeah dorms now are WAY nicer than when I was in college. Seriously. Not fair.