Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Letters (yeah yeah..)

After a number of Open Letters from Fidgeting Gidget I decided it was time to have some open letters of my own.

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

Please don't suck tonight. I've been with you since the first day. When I first saw the promo and saw that Katherine Heigl (I know she's kind of a crazy person, but I LOVED Roswell) and Sandra Oh (I want to be her) in the same show, I died a little. And I've been a fiercely loyal fan ever since. But you really need to redeem yourself after season 3.

A big fan,
The Recovering Actor

Dear Hair,

You've been screwed up since last year when a curly hair "expert" decided it would be a good idea to RAZOR CUT MY CURLY HAIR. It wasn't a good idea. You still haven't been the same. But you're getting cut today, and I'd appreciate it if you would just cooperate for Linda.

The Recovering Actor

Dear Brad Lidge,

Knock it the hell off. Blow one more game... and you're dead to me. If we lose it this year, the Phillies will have you to thank for it.

As always,
The Recovering Actor.

Dear Bridesmaids Dress,

You're almost done. And so far so good. I would really appreciate it if you would continue to be a team player so that I don't have a panic attach 3 weeks before the wedding.

The Recovering Actor

Dear October 3,

I'm really worried that you're going to be the worst day ever and that I'm going to leave work in a sobbing hysterical mess. Please don't be a sucky day. I'm not asking for you to be the best day ever, just don't make me cry.

Begging and Pleading Recovering Actor

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Joanie M said...

I'm afraid to ask..... what happens on October 3?