Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can I Be Done Now?

It's been a little over a month since my car accident.. and I'm starting to get annoyed. I have no car. My car that was totalled is still not paid off even after the insurance. I have nothing to put down on a new car. And I'm still having back pain. In fact, today it's really bad.

And the whole thing wasn't my damn fault in the first place.

I am grateful. I know that things could have been worse. I could have very easily broken bones (which I have never done) or even been killed. So I was lucky there. And so was the other guy. But it's still annoying. It's annoying that I have to be at work 30 minutes early every day because I have to take Gene to work. It's annoying that we have to make all of our plans based on whether both of us can go, since we only have one car. It's annoying that on days when I don't drive Gene to work, and a friend takes me in... that I don't have a car to get lunch, and therefore don't eat lunch on those days.

I have a car today, which is good I suppose. I'm just looking forward to the day where we each have a car again, and we're done with the bullshit. And because I've been here 30 minutes early, I can run errands during my lunch hour and take a bit longer. Like on Tuesday, I drove to a hospital that's 20 minutes away to see my cousin and her newborn baby boy (who has the. most. hair. ever.) just hours after he was born. I wouldn't have been able to do that on a regular work schedule. My cousin and I are also very close. I know there are some who aren't close with their extended family... but this cousin and I are super duper close. She's the one who's getting married next month (oh yeah... 3 weeks after giving birth, this chick is getting freaking married. Because she's insane) and I'm making my bridesmaids dress for. (it still isn't done by the way... the BODICE is finished. Lining and all! But that's it. It looks good so far! I think...

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Bayjb said...

Sorry to hear your car situation isn't resolved yet and of course that you're still in pain. I hope it feels better tomorrow!