Monday, September 21, 2009

This Diva Needs Her Stage!

There's another audition happening tonight that I'm not participating in, and it's making me a little sad. A local (non-paying) theatre around here got the rights for Rent. And I can sing the shit out of that show. I'd kiss girls. I'm okay with that. It's art.

But if I auditioned, I'd have to stop working at ULTA for a while.. and I need my ULTA job. I'd be able to work Sundays, but I'd have to go from an 8 hour ULTA day to rehearsal until 11. And I know Gene would be ultra cranky if I did rehearsal 4 days a week. Especially if it was for Rent... he hates that show.

I ran into my friend's husband at Einstein Bagels this morning, and he's currently directing The Producers at the same theatre. He's been trying to get me to audition all year... and so has his wife. And I want to! I really do! But I have a few reservations.

A of all... I haven't acted in a long time. Yes, I did the fringe show last year, but I wasn't onstage all that much, and it wasn't musical theatre.

B of all... because of the car accident, I don't know how I would be with dancing. It might hurt a whole hell of a lot.

C of all... leaving ULTA. I need ULTA to, oh, pay my bills? And I don't know how it would be with taking all that time off. We'd have to see. Granted, I don't have a car payment anymore since my car was smashed to little bits, but still. Christmas is coming up, and I need all the extra money I can get.


clare said...

"art" or "how we're going to get an a" whatever.

RecoveringActor said...

No, that's if I take a shot of tequila out of someone's cleavage... after a semi-erotic exchange. No making out took place. lol.

Bayjb said...

Oh man, Producers and Rent? Those are tough roles to turn down. Maybe just audition and see what happens. I know leaving Ulta is tough, but take a chance and see what happens!

Joanie M said...

You took a shot of tequila out of someone's cleavage? Wow! The things you learned in college!